Chakras are very important in learning how to develop your innate and latent abilities. They are also very important in understanding your energy and the energy of those around you. Some may be turned off of certain aspects of chakras (particularly Hindu concepts of the Kundalini), but chakras are a vital part of our spiritual anatomy.

A chakra is an energy center or energy point in your body. The term means "wheel" and is often described as vortices. You can find plenty more detailed explanations about how the chakra system works with subtle energy and whatever else it fully entails, but I am going to stick with the basics. The most important things you need to know in understanding yourself and your gifts.

There are eight main chakra points. I say eight here, even though many will say there are seven main chakras, but that is because most discount the hand chakras as being main chakra points, but for me and any healer out there, hand chakras are very important. There are many other chakras as well, but I won't go in to those here. With the exception of the first base chakra and the seventh crown chakra, each of the chakra points I will mention have a front and back to them. This often gets left out as well. It has been said that the front of the chakra indicates a desire or intention to work with that chakras energy and the back indicates the actual use of the ability. However, the front and back could simply be where the energy enters and exits the body (the back being where it would enter). Each one is located in about the same place for each person (though different body types will place the chakras in slightly different places for each person) and there are basic traits and associations that go along with each one.
See recommended readings for information on different chakra systems and their effect on you.

Our energy flows throughout our spiritual and physical bodies. The chakras are points in our bodies that allow the energy to flow in and out of them. They digest and expel needed and unneeded energy. They help cycle all the energy in and out of our systems much like the organs of our physical body. Without them, we would be stagnant beings constantly losing and never building our energy reserves.

There is a channel of energy lines running up, down, and through all parts of our bodies. The energy comes to these chakra points that take time to work through the energy so that it can be used in certain areas of our life related to that chakra point. The energy then gets sent on to the next chakra which will do the same thing. At certain points these chakras will be blocked or not as open and free-flowing as others. This often has to do with the fact that there is some issue going on in your life related to that chakra that closes it off. The energy doesn't necessarily get stopped at this chakra, as some might believe, but the energy just doesn't get used in that area related to that chakra. Instead it moves on to be used by the other chakras that are more open and unblocked.

It is natural for these chakras to close and block themselves. We are dynamic individuals going through various cycles in our life that need to be worked on at different times. We don't always have the same issues at all times so the same chakra won't always be closed off or wide open. At any given point we'll have different chakras that are opened or closed or blocked. Six months ago you might have had different chakras more open and now today those same chakras are more closed instead. This is natural and the more you work with your chakras the more they will stay in balance, being healthy and opened. Granted, those chakras connected to a key ability of yours may always remain open for your constant use.

While it is fair to say that to reach Enlightenment you need to be able to have your chakras open at all times so your energy can freely move through your body without obstruction, it isn't always necessary to be completely open either for individual growth and development. Some people don't need to work with their Clair gifts with all their chakras wide open. For others, it is easier to get more information when they are open. I think learning to balance and clear/cleanse our chakras is more important and necessary than simply having all chakras open at once.

Some may claim that it is dangerous to have all your chakras open. You can become a beacon of light and energy and unsavory beings may find you and prey upon you. However, I do not believe this. While you may initially be out of sync and out of harmony with the world and energy around you drawing attention from others, you eventually find balance and harmony with it if you learn to ground and balance yourself and your chakras.

Others may say your Clair ability will dampen too if all your chakras are open and energy is free-flowing. Your natural abilities will only dampen if you fail to work on your own energy on a regular basis. If your Clairs dampen as a result of opening all your chakras it may be an indication that you need to do some aura and chakra cleansing. The dampened and smaller range of your Clair indicates a need for some introspection and personal healing, cleansing, and balancing. Your ability is trying to draw your attention inward to fix you own imbalances.

The following pages on chakras are divided into the various main chakras of Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown, and Hand chakras. Then there are also pages on how to Open and Cleanse your chakras as these are important skills to know to work with them. (Currently working on putting them together. Making a note here so I can link back later today)

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