The Third Enlightenment

In the sense that we mean, the Enlightenment is not the one written in history books. We mean a spiritual enlightenment. More specifically, an enlightenment meant to bring the Three Kingdoms that God created together once more. Why third? Because there were two previous, failed attempts at reuniting the Kingdoms.

The First Enlightenment began during the period of the Crusades. The world was obviously not ready and thus wars in the name of the Church and God broke out. People were too afraid and too deluded by the authorities to accept that there were things that we couldn't see and that those things weren't all bad. And so this Enlightenment burned its way through the world, failing to unite the Kingdoms and failing to awaken the world to the truth.

The Second Enlightenment was attempted during the times of the Salem Witch Trials. Again, the world was not ready and resisted. And again, it ended in fire with the burning of "witches" and "Satan worshippers". Looking back we know that many of the condemned were innocents (and also people confusing witches with Satanists, which are not the same thing).

Now, it is time for the Third, and final attempt. This Enlightenment must succeed and will as the I AM deems it to. Part of this Enlightenment is to prepare the people of this world to open their eyes and minds and hearts to the idea that there is more out there than just the physical world. December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the beginning of the Enlightenment process where the veils between the planes and worlds are lifted and where the energy that has been building with click and shift into place. The Kingdoms will be united once more. People will begin, if not already, to experience things that seem unexplainable. Their innate spiritual gifts will awaken in them.

Our goal for this website is to share our knowledge so that the transition for the Enlightenment runs more smoothly than in the past. We feel we were called to this duty and that there are others out there with similar callings. Our goal is to awaken people to the truth of this world and to welcome our siblings and cousins of the other races of Man into this physical world of ours to live in harmony once more.

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