The War on Earth

(Note: Names here have been changed for privacy of their currents. The purpose here is the story, not the specific names of individuals.)

The demons did not like God's children, especially the angels who fell to become human. They were jealous of these creatures so, to continue their vendetta against God, they began attacking Mankind. The War on Earth had begun. Some groups of Mankind were corrupted by the demons and joined forces with them. Others sided with Hell because of their fear of what would happen to them if they stood against them.

Man needed help against the onslaught from Hell. An angel by the name of Lycaon, a general that led a legion of angels called the Grigori, asked God if he and his legion could fall and become something more powerful than humans to help and protect Mankind. He proposed become shapeshifting wolves that allowed him and his army to fight against demons better than they could as mere humans. God agreed to this and a third wave of angels fell and became shapeshifters with human form and the ability to shift into larger than average wolves. Unlike Fallen, they did not have to die to become this, but they completely gave up their angelic nature, God transforming it to become a shapeshifting nature instead.

Once he was on Earth, Lycaon, with only Michael and God as his superior, became the leader of the Red Legion army that strove to protect Mankind against the demons. The clans and races of Mankind that hadn't sided with evil joined up with the army as well or else tried to live their lives in peace, avoiding war. God allowed His other angels to descend to Earth to aid in the War and train Man in their innate spiritual gifts to defend themselves against evil.

The War inevitably found many people either in the form of demons and their allies attacking or in the form of plagues. Many children were orphaned by the War and so training camps were set up to train young soldiers and give them a home and cause. Some remained in the army while others went their separate ways when they were old enough.

Mother Superior

At one point, Lycaon took in a particular orphaned young human girl named Fadia to train. This feisty girl didn't like his approach to fighting much less his approach to the War. She left as soon as she could, turning her back on him. An angel found her wandering and was going to lead her to a home of a family that would take her in when Lycaon tried to take her back. Michael, at this point, had taken a liking to this girl's spunk and decided to intervene, allowing her to leave Lycaon's influence, for a time.

She became close to the family she was taken to and especially close to the daughter, Savannah, who was her age. But when Savannah's older brother died in the War, Lycaon showed up, taking Savannah as his sister and she as her new brother. She readily decided to join the army in honor of her dead brother and her newfound brother. Fadia, fearing her friend would find more trouble than she was looking for, joined up grudgingly.

One day, Lycaon decided to issue a challenge to his soldiers and those training under him: anyone that could defeat him in one on one combat would be given the rights to train and then lead the human portion of the army, which by this time had grown quite large. The only one who managed to match him in combat was Fadia and he gave her the title of Mother Superior. She then led her new army off on a campaign against the demons and their allies.

The War continued to rage on Earth as plagues ravaged in its wake. Fadia marched her army of humans against the demonic armies that terrorized the world. She found orphaned children and villages and sent them to live in the training camps as refuge. Her reputation as a good, wise, and just leader and trainer spread as did her reputation as a warrior. Her army grew to include more than just humans; it included the other races of Man. Her army then became known as the Army of Man (or Mankind).

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