The Fall and War in Heaven

Lucifer and the other angels saw the Fall of Man happen, and when God still requested they acknowledge Man as their equals in creation, Lucifer refused. He couldn't comprehend that God would still love these creatures that denied the gifts He gave them and who disobeyed Him. These creatures were less superior to angels, less perfect, less powerful. Why would God allow His children to betray Him and still love them? Why did He hold them in higher regard than His first children, the angels?

Lucifer then rebelled with a third of the heavenly host (according to some sources) against God and His loyal angels. The war in heaven had begun. Lucifer and his followers became demons, endowed with powers of evil that gave them advantage over God's angels. The war raged in Heaven, more angels falling to follow Lucifer, loyal angels meeting their match against their former brothers and sisters.

The demons seemed to be winning the war, so the Creator decided to create a new race to aid the angels. They were the vampyres, creatures with supernatural strength and abilities, balancing between life and death. They were creatures who were resistant to the poisons of demon blood and their abilities helped them fight against the demons of Lucifer's army, better balancing the two sides. But there still seemed to be no end in sight for this war.

Then, seven demons betrayed Lucifer and sought forgiveness from God. The Seven turned the tides of the war in favor of God and His loyal angels. Michael, Lucifer's older twin brother, battled him and cast him down into Hell. God recalled the vampyres, but some were too weak and injured to return on their own and fell to the Earth (This led to the consequential creation of psychic vampires.). In honor of the Seven, God made the number seven a holy and sacred number.

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