The End of the War

The Army of Man fought many battles (we'll skip all the gory, repetitive details) trying to protect the world from the evil that was threatening to take over. But Man was finally winning. The legions of Hell were being overcome and sent back to where they belonged. So the Army began to settle down.

Lycaon and his Red Legion Wolves set up villages where they could live in peace while the other divisions of the Army began to settle down as well. Lycaon's mate Zeeva (also a Wolf) betrayed him, though. With a group of followers, she convinced humans in nearby villages that the Red Legion were actually evil, that they had betrayed God like the demons and were leading Man to ruin with the knowledge of War-making they provided.

These humans rallied up and attacked the villages of the Red Legion, slaughtering the men, women and children. Fadia caught wind of the betrayal and attack, and she hurried, alone, to aid the Legion. But she was too late. By the time she arrived, the villages were nearly completely burned to the ground. There was only one survivor she found, Lycaon, who upon seeing Fadia, flung himself at her in a fury and killed her for her failure to help him in time.

Her warriors mourned her loss by holding a large parade in her honor. At her funeral, some of her followers in flares of dramatics and despair threw themselves onto her pyre to die with their leader. Others left the Army to live peaceful lives while still others chose to remain and continue the cause, training armies to protect against demons. One soldier decided to take revenge on Lycaon and killed him in his sleep. God then called up all His angels that were still on Earth to allow Mankind to live out their lives without His angels' direct interventions.

The War was over, many demons had been cast back into Hell or killed. Zeeva and her followers were cursed by God to longer have control over their wolf form. The title of Mother Superior passed on in each generation to a woman worthy (sometimes returning to Fadia's incarnation) of its responsibilities as teacher, trainer, and warrior. Many people, former soldiers or not, were able to finally live life on Earth in relative peace from demons for a time until Man chose their own courses of war amongst themselves and against each other. When the physical world of Earth was ready, souls were finally able to take physical form in the evolved human (homo sapiens) species and so physical human history began

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