Life After the War

The Dividing of the Kingdoms

Because of the War, The Creator separated the Three Kingdoms They had created, preventing Mankind, Demons, and the Dead from freely moving between them. Mankind was sent to live on Earth (The Kingdom of Man) to learn what life and free will meant and to grow as spiritual beings. Some demons avoided being cast and locked into Hell and hid out on Earth to torment Man while those cast into Hell had to work their way back out. The angels remained in Heaven with God and where He dwelled, which became more exclusively the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of the Dead was left for Mankind when he or she died and the Immortal soul needed a transition place before being born again.

God Asks Angels to Fall

God decided that some of His angels might benefit by becoming human, by gaining true free will. He asked a select group of angels if they would be interested in becoming human for the chance of free will. Many agreed and so the first angels fell and became human. But, in order to become fully human, they had to die. For many, this death was at the hands of demons that violently tortured and murdered them. They were reborn however, as humans, with all memories of their Fall, life as angels, and their death suppressed along with their angelic essences and wings. For all intents and purposes, they were humans. There was one other wave of Fallen sometime later, many of these falling to find loved ones. Others would Fall periodically on their own over the rest of our history.

Life on Earth, The Kingdom of Man

During the War in Heaven, Man lived out their lives, procreating and creating civilizations. At this point in time, though, Man did not have physical bodies yet. Our Earth was still evolving (yes, evolution!) into a place compatible for containing spiritual life in physical form. Man existed on the metaphysical or astral plane, and life flourished.

Around this time, many of the stories from the Old Testament might very well have taken place. Lilith left Adam around this time because he loved Eve but did not love her, his first wife. She became a whore and slept with as many demons as she could find, eventually being discovered by Lucifer and made a demon herself (the first human to have become a demon) and his wife.

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