The Origin Story

Note: The beginning of this story was told to me several years ago by an individual who was there for part of it and this is my best retelling of it. Others who were there or knew better the story corrected some mistakes on my part. This is as close to the whole truth of these events as I am able to retell at this time. Part of this story, though, is also based on our memories of a time of War on Earth against demons and those who allied with them. This is our story as much as it is the story of others who were involved and who are mentioned. This is the whole world's story and everyone's story and it is time to share it. Some names have been changed to protect their currents. ~Stephanie

The Beginning

In the beginning, The Creator created the universe, our Earth, everything within and without, everything above and below. The Elementals were then created to maintain the balance within the universe. Three worlds were created that were easily accessible to all the creations of the universe: The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Man, and the Kingdom of the Dead. God created angels to be His messengers and attendants and the Elementals took on the additional role of being Mother's attendants and messengers.

Then the Creator made Mankind in Their image. Fashioned from the Earth, They created the first humans of Adam and his first and second wives, Lilith and Eve respectively. They also created the first males and females of the other races of Mankind. The progenitors of all The Creator's children were living together in the Garden of Eden, Paradise.

The Fall of Man

Now, the Creator blessed Man with free will, but they were as yet unaware of it. In order to become aware of that free will to know what it meant and how to use it, Mankind needed to be tested. God asked one of His first angels, a seraph by the name of Sammael, to tempt His creations to use their free will. Sammael took the guise of a snake and, as the story goes, ended up tempting Eve into eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that God forbade His children from partaking in. She offered it to Adam, who tasted it as well. When God appeared to them again, they hid in shame and He kicked them and other races of Mankind from the Garden of Eden and made them mortal. This was not a punishment to Mankind, but a gift that they could learn and grow over successive generations and lifetimes.

Whether the Creator actually kicked Mankind out of Eden or whether he had given them the option to leave, is up to you to decide. Mankind left Eden and the Kingdom of God to make their home on Earth in the Kingdom of Man. They lived many generations and are still living here today. We are their descendants

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