Kingdom of Man

The Kingdom of Man is the realm in which we, Mankind, live. The Kingdom of Man is meant to be the realm Mankind was given to live and grown in, procreating and developing. This is the realm of the Earth and the entire world around us. It is also a realm of mortality.

The plane we are most familiar is that of our physical world. This plane allows you to be reading this site, touching the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, etc. This plane allows us to live out an existence in a completely physical and solid form. This is the plane of matter where our Earth and Universe as we know it was created through a Big Bang and God's design to evolve to hold our spiritual essences. The energy of this plane is much denser than that of the other planes, making it a plane of matter and the physical. The other planes are considered less dense, where matter does not have a solid form as we do in the physical plane.

Parallel with the physical is the metaphysical (or astral as most sources will refer to it) plane where our metaphysical body resides. This body runs in conjunction with our physical body and connects to it through our chakra points. In sleep or during astral projection, this body can separate and explore further the metaphysical plane where other beings exist. Many people and races exist and live out their lives in the metaphysical world rather than taking a fully physical form. Some of the laws on this plane vary from the physical, but souls live and die on this plane just like our own. When someone feels or sees another's energy of another it emanates from this plane. This is also where we come under psychic attack if we are unable to protect ourselves.

There are many other planes of existence that are part of the Kingdom of Man. Traversing between should only be done with aide from your guides and guardians and only when you are traversed well enough in our own metaphysical plane. The rules in these different planes may not be the same at our own and the inhabitants there may not be friendly to humans or else just want to be left alone. So be cautious. Again, as the Enlightenment unfolds and the Kingdoms come closer together, these planes will be easier to traverse.

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