Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is most commonly referred to as Heaven and is located above our own because of its higher, purer energy frequencies. There are considered to be Seven levels of Heaven, each with different angelic rulers. The highest level is said to be where God resides. Angels reside in the Kingdom of God as well. The Hall of Akashic Records or the Library is located up in Heaven and astral travelers with the help of their angels and guides can access parts of the Library.

Part of the Heaven, though, is reserved as part of the Kingdom of the Dead, which will be discussed further there. The soul, after death, resides in these parts and learns lessons during their interim before their next life. Other parts of Heaven, and the Kingdom of God, is inhabited by spirit guides, higher consciousness or ascended souls that no longer incarnate but still aid Mankind in reaching spiritual goals.

The Kingdom of God is the only Kingdom where beings can exist without a metaphysical body without their soul being harmed. Here angels, the dead, and ascended beings exist as pure soul energy. Their souls come under no harm here without their body, but if they were travel to the other planes in the Kingdom of Man, they would have to create for a time a metaphysical body to keep their soul and energy protected from attacks.

Traveling to the Kingdom of God in astral form is allowable, but typically limited. In the Library you can only access certain information, mostly just about yourself. You have to seek special permission to visit some areas while others you have freer reign. As the Enlightenment occurs, more of these areas may be made accessible.

There are plenty of resources that give more information about each level of Heaven for those interested in learning more.

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