Kingdom of the Dead

The Kingdom of the Dead was divided into three main parts. Hell is located below Earth and was where the demons were banished and where evil Men would go to be punished after they die. Purgatory is located within Heaven as a place for souls who were not evil or bad enough for Hell but needed to spend time learning from their mistakes before either reincarnating or spending time in Heaven where they can study or learn spiritual lessons before making decisions for their next life. Heaven for the Dead, is not free reign over all parts of the Kingdom of God, but restricted until the soul researches a high enough spiritual level to ascend to being a guide.

When we die, the Angel of Death guides us based on the Angels of Judgment's ruling to where we are to spend our Afterlife. Our choices in life affect the outcome of this judgment. If we do evil things we will be punished for them and sent to Hell where we will be tortured non-stop until our souls shrink to the size of a pea and we become demons like our torturers (taking on a new metaphysical body that is pretty much just a shell as there is usually little soul left to protect). But don't mistake doing evil for minor sins or following a different religion that isn't the mainstream or orthodox. Sins are forgivable as we are merely fallible creatures that must learn from our mistakes and Heaven isn't reserved for just Christians. But once you are sent to Hell you are not allowed to reincarnate again and are basically cursed to live a life as a demon. In those cases where someone is punished to Hell, they probably don't really care anyway that they don't get a chance at Heaven or reincarnation. They just want to make life hell for those on Earth when they get the chance to sneak back up through Hellmouths and other means of traversing the planes.

When we do minor bad things, like petty sins, or repeatedly keep failing certain lessons in our lifetimes, we must spend time in Purgatory. And honestly, most of us spend a little time between each of our lives in Purgatory to cleanse ourselves of the negativity we incurred in life. There is punishment here too for souls that haven't done evil enough things to deserve Hell yet. But these souls in Purgatory, even if sentenced to a much longer time here than typical, are allowed to reincarnate again. In these cases, though, the soul isn't allowed to make the decisions about how the life will go.

But once we are done purging our evil or negativity or what have you, we are free to live in our respective heavens for a time before we choose our next life. I say here "heavens" because every culture and religion has different ideas about the afterlife. Certainly some do not even believe in Hell and wouldn't think they would be going there. But the fact of the matter is all cultures do have a concept of a type of heaven, whether it is an "underworld" of Summerland divided into sections for the good and evil or a place in the clouds where only the good reside. So it is a belief of mine that we each have our own personal type of heaven to live in up in Heaven (in the parts of it reserved for the Dead). Think of the movie What Dreams May Come if that makes better sense. There are of course common areas of Heaven for all the Dead from all cultures and races to reside and interact and learn. They also plan their next lives out here. But the Kingdom of the Dead is a place for our souls to reside between lifetimes. Sometimes the Dead may travel back to Earth to visit their loved ones, especially the days leading up to Halloween and through to the Day of the Dead.

On the subject of the Dead, there are many stories and tales of ghosts all around the world. There are many shows tailored to ghost hunting purposes to find evidence of such. I'm sure all of us at some point have had an experience with a ghost or something they thought was a ghost. To distinguish here, a ghost is a deceased person's soul that has not yet moved on either because of fear or "unfinished business." The Dead are those that have moved on to the "other side," so to speak. Part of the purpose of an Angel of Death is to take souls to their Afterlife even if they are afraid. If a soul persists in the metaphysical world, as they aren't actually a part of our physical world, they can be termed ghosts. Ghosts aren't always bound to single locations either because some are trying to move on so occasionally one may stop into a house with a lot of energy and it may decide to leech it to communicate or cling to life longer. But in these cases, even those where a ghost is more malevolent, calling upon the Angel of Death will help them find peace and you peace of mind.

In the places of Heaven and Purgatory designated for the Dead, the soul can exist without a metaphysical body. The Dead's soul often takes a form either resembling the most recent life or a form that resembles the first life the soul had or was created as. The soul is both male and female simultaneously, so the form the soul takes in the Kingdom of the Dead could theoretically take on an androgynous form instead. However, when loved ones and descendants are still living in the Kingdom of Man, the Dead must take on a temporary metaphysical body to do travel to Earth to visit and guide their loved ones if given the opportunity. This temporary body will very likely take on the form of the most recent lifetime. Once they return to the Kingdom of the Dead they will shed the metaphysical body and revert back to the form the soul takes.

Visiting the Kingdom of the Dead, particularly Purgatory, is usually not common. There are times when one might travel to parts of Heaven designated for the Dead during their interim, particularly if you are seeking guidance from spirit guides or ancestors who have yet to reincarnate. I would highly recommend not venturing into Hell as it is a hot place that only demons can dwell for any length of time, not to mention the hostility that demons have toward most of Mankind.

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