The Three Kingdoms and the Other Planes of Existance

Planes of existence are fields, realms, worlds, or levels of reality where various souls can reside. There are many of these planes of existence that layer on top of one another, or, in probably more accurate terms, interpenetrate one another where they are neither higher nor lower than each other, but parallel. Some are below us and some above us and some parallel with our own plane. But there are many more than simply seven or thirty-one. They are countless, but there are main ones to be concerned about. These planes are divided into the three Kingdoms that the I AM created at the beginning. Their separation after the War in Heaven now prevents the free, easy movement between them, except by those with permission (i.e. angels, ascended masters, Elementals, and certain individuals). At one time, before the separation and before the existence of demons, it is believed that everyone - angel, God, the living or the Dead - were able to move about freely between these kingdoms to interact and learn from each other. After the separation, only those with permission could pass between the veils and the barriers between the kingdoms with ease. But as this Enlightenment happens, these Kingdoms and planes of existence begin shifting closer and closer together and the barriers and veils between them will allow us to travel more freely between them.

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