Now, here, I'll probably spend a little more time. Most people, with the exception of Earth-based spiritual paths and polytheistic religions, don't realize that while we have a Divine Father, we also have a Divine Mother. She is Mother Earth or Mother of the Earth. The Earth is Her ultimate abode, so She exists everywhere on Earth and through all the Kingdoms. She is our Mother that helped create and give life to us alongside God the Father.

She has been with us since the beginning of time. She is the feminine half of the I AM and Papa's wife, as it were. As Father is everywhere and all-powerful and all-knowing, so is She. They are complimentary halves of a single whole of the I AM. Together They split the Kingdoms and together They will bring them back together in this coming Enlightenment.

Alongside Father, Mother helped create the Thirteen Races of Mankind. She also took time to create the creatures that would inhabit the Earth and take care of Her precious creations. These creatures are the legendary/magical beasts that you may often read in fairy tales. Please read up on them in the Almanac. As Father created the angels to be His messengers and soldiers, She took the Elementals to be Hers. But together They created Mankind and the universe as a whole.

Some might wonder why Mother got pushed aside in our belief systems. She was once a prominent figure in ancient matriarchal societies. Is it simply the fact that Judaism and patriarchal societies like the Egyptians and Romans and then eventually Christianity that condemned polytheistic beliefs and matriarchal Goddess worshipping? I believe that that is part of it, but not the whole story.

Sometime around the 21st century BCE, Mother went to sleep. Society at that point was beginning to focus on a patriarchal system of beliefs. I'm not sure if it was because of the patriarchal society that caused Her to go choose to sleep or if it was Her going to sleep that caused the patriarchal societies to rise in power and influence. Either way, She and Father decided that She needed to take the time to sleep and wait for the right time to reawaken.

By no means do we mean that She has slept consistently since 21st Century BCE. I believe that in certain times She has woken up a little more than before to assert some of Her influence in the world. During these times though, She is always aware of what is going on. The Voice speaks for Her when She is asleep and gives Her messages to Father and any who have sought Her guidance.

It seems almost coincidental now that we are in 21st Century AD where the Enlightenment is about to begin that Mother had gone to sleep almost 40 centuries ago. Mother has reawakened in time to unite with Papa to be the I AM and bring the Kingdoms together again. This process has been happening for several years now and you may have noticed a resurgence in Goddess-based and Earth-based spiritual paths and also the need to go Green. This is all due to Her influence. She is awake again and ready for the world to be aware of Her on a much wider scale than She has been in the past forty centuries.

Just like with Father, you can establish a unique, personal spiritual bond with Mother. She is always around. Always present, especially in Nature. It is Her home and the home She created for us. She is our Mother and wants to reestablish that bond when you are ready. Don't be afraid to speak to Her and pray to Her as well as to Father. They are a pair and will not get jealous of you focus on one over the other, but They do want you to awaken to the possibility of both of Them being a part of your life as your Divine Mother and Father, the Creators of this universe.

Mother will also take on a form for us that we are most comfortable with. When you are ready to make that personal link to your Divine Feminine and Divine Mother, she will take on a form that you will be most comfortable with. Perhaps you will see Her as Mother Mary (I consider that Mary may possibly be a physical incarnation of Mother) or maybe you'll see Her as an archetypal mother or a grandmother. She will take the form most easy for you to accept and interact with.

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