Jesus is the only begotten son of Mother and Father. While all of us are the Creator's children made by the hands of Mother and Father, Jesus is the son that was conceived by Mother and Father copulating. He is the symbol of Their Divine Union. He is also the symbol of Their Divine Unconditional Love and the Savior of all Mankind and all Creation. He is the Divine Son of the Creators and, as such, he is Divine.

You may refer to the New Testament for tales of Jesus' physical presence in the Kingdom of Mankind. However, Jesus existed before these tales of his physical incarnation. He lived in Heaven, the Kingdom of God, for centuries before he was asked by his parents of Father and Mother to take physical form on Earth to remind his brothers and sisters of the Creator's message. This is the message of Divine Love and Divine Grace. Father and Mother wanted to remind their other children who lived in the physical world that they were still loved and would always be loved. They wanted to prove this by having their son incarnate and live among Mankind as part of it. He was to come to Earth in the physical form of a baby and grow to adulthood to teach the world his Mother and Father's most important lesson. Love.

Some of his teachings and parables were much more complex that just love. But the basic theme was that the I AM loved us all unconditionally and that we should love each other just as unconditionally. They sent Jesus to teach this and he met his destiny head on. He even allowed himself to be crucified to prove his Mother and Father's love for all Mankind, that his sacrifice meant that all were loved equally and that even Their only begotten son was no better and no more loved than the rest of the Creator's children.

At the beginning of the Church created in his name, his lessons remained intact. His followers maintained his message and spread the word of God's Unconditional Love. But over time, his teachings were corrupted and altered to suit the agendas of those in charge. Emperors and Popes removed books that were written that they felt undermined their authority. Parts of Jesus' teachings were omitted to give the authority of the Church more power. Wars began to be fought in his and God's name to convert the masses that refused to through aside their original beliefs.

But Jesus' true message was that of Love, not war and killing and certainly not hating and discriminating. This is something that even modern day Christians sometimes forget. I'm not saying that all Christians have forgotten Jesus' teachings, but just that some have. Here we just wanted to remind people who Jesus is and what he represents for us in this world.

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