Most people will fully be able to comprehend the masculine aspect of the Creator. The masculine-half is the most familiar face of the I AM. He is the God of Abraham as worshipped by the various Judeo-Christian religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He is the Father of us all and most importantly Jesus, the Christ. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He is also all-loving. He does not discriminate against any of His creations. He loves them all equally (something that seems to be forgotten by many claiming to follow Jesus' teachings).

Since most people are familiar with this face of the Creator, I will try not to go on too long on Him. I do wish to shed some light on things that people are not necessarily aware of. You may pick and choose which things here that you want to take with you.

As the Divine Father of All, He has had a hand in creating a lot of what we find in our world. He did not do it entirely alone. Beside Him was Mother and They worked their magic to create everything we see around us. Together they created the Thirteen Races of Mankind that would live in Eden. These races were created in Their image, male and female. Our souls are neither male nor female but both and we take a form we are most comfortable with, just as the I AM does in the form of both Mother and Father.

Father spent some time creating specific beings as His servants, messengers, and warriors. These beings are the angels. Though not specifically created by Mother, they do see Her as their mother. They will call God, Papa. They were created with limited free-will to follow His commands and the orders of Mother. However, He was aware of some of their potential to fall and allowed it to happen for whatever His and Mother's Divine Plan may be.

Together, with Mother, they split the Kingdoms of God, Man, and the Dead to protect their creations in the Kingdom of Mankind from the demons that had been created from the Fall of Lucifer. Only together, as the I AM will the Kingdoms come back together, and that time is coming soon. They have put in to action, a long developed plan, on how this will happen and only they know how it will work and turn out.

Papa resides in the Kingdom of God and in Heaven (relatively the same place). But He is also everywhere at all times. He is not just residing in some far away abode up in the sky. He is with us every moment. We can establish a connection and personal relationship with Him. And as mentioned in the section about spirit helpers, He will never force you to do anything against your will. He is often very cryptic in His responses to our prayers and questions. But He is all-loving and wants to see us succeed. He will place challenges in our way to make sure we have earned something or deserve something, but He has infinite hope that we will succeed in all our challenges. And because we have free-will, He can't always be 100% sure what we will do. This does not undermine His omniscience, just be aware that because of our free-will, we often put kinks into His plans for us.

I also wish to say here that Papa appears to us however we wish to perceive him. If we are most comfortable as seeing Him as an old, white bearded man that is how He will appear to us. If we prefer to see Him as His son, Jesus, he will appear to us instead. If we want to think of Him as a younger, muscular blond hair man resembling Fabio, He will appear to us as such. But He is honestly beyond those physical descriptions that we may see Him as. He can change according to what we are most comfortable see and interacting with.

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