While many of you may start reading this section and believe us to be pagans or what have you, some of you may find this an intriguing concept to consider. Those who do practice polytheistic religions will likely find more truth here that coalesces with your own beliefs. Again, take this section as you will. If it doesn't make sense for you, you don't have to accept it. We just want to share this with those that do find it intriguing and do find that it makes sense.

As mentioned before, the Creator, the I AM, the One, the All, the Great Spirit, is a rather impersonal and often difficult concept to comprehend to its fullest extent. We have thus given the formless Creator a form that we can comprehend and relate to better. This form was firstly taken as a Masculine Father God and a Feminine Mother Goddess as mentioned previously. Though Father and Mother are fairly easy to accept, our early ancestors in the Kingdom of Mankind after they began taking physical bodies had a difficult time wrapping their heads around only two deities, let alone one. Mother and Father, to help Their children accept Their presence in their lives, sent aspects of Themselves in the form of gods and goddesses.

The earliest religions were polytheistic. They worshipped these deities that represented some important concept in their life: the Sun, the Earth, Agriculture, Fertility, etc. Father and Mother took forms that would represent these concepts, with powers to go along with them. These powers are all the powers that Mother and Father possess, just on a smaller scale associated specifically with a single aspect and concept. They appeared in a form that the people were most ready to accept. Sometimes those forms were fully human in appearance. Other times they appeared as animals or half-animal, half-man.

What this means, is that the gods and goddesses of the ancient religions were living aspects of Father and Mother that interacted with the people of the world. The gods of the Egyptians and Greeks and Hindus and others existed as extensions of Mother and Father. Those that were ready to see Them as the Great Mother and Great Father would see Them as such. But those that were not ready, saw the Creator as these minor gods and goddesses.

In Hindu belief systems, their gods and goddesses are considered to be avatars of the one God. They believe that their gods are incarnations of the original Creator God. Modern-day pagan paths and Earth-based religions subscribe to this idea as well. They believe that all the various pantheons of gods and goddesses are different faces of the One Creator Deity. Think of it as a tree with the entire tree being the One True God and then two branches coming out the represent the Mother and Father and then many smaller branches extending from those two branches, sometimes crossing over. Each little branch represents a god or goddess that is an extension of Mother or Father and the I AM.

Now you might belief that these demi-gods (or devas as I sometimes like to refer to them) only came about as civilizations grew up and began worshipping these various faces of the Creator. However, all the avatars and faces of the Creator have always existed as they are a part of the whole and have existed as long as the whole has existed. I also believe time is very relative and in some ways exists all at once. The present, past and future existing simultaneously, so the faces or avatars of the Creator have always been present from the beginning of creation to be there when needed by the people of this universe.

These demi-gods are very much alive today as they were hundreds of years ago, just as Mother and Father and the All are very much alive. If you have ever been curious about Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Chinese or any other pantheon gods, it is probably due to the fact that deep down you innately realize that they are aspects of the One Divine Creator and not just myths. They are beings that existed and still exist when as people wish to connect with them just as Mother and Father are around to connect to all of us and share Their unconditional love with all of creation.

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