The Creator

Everyone has their own system of beliefs, whether those beliefs be Judeo-Christian, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Pagan/Earth-Based. Each of these beliefs systems sees the Divine in many different ways like the Creator, the Great Spirit, the One, the All, the I AM, God, Goddess, Father, Mother, etc. Whatever name you give the Divine/the Creator or however you perceive it to be, we just want to give our perspective. Whatever term you prefer to use or whatever way you want to perceive the Divine, we are not trying to change your beliefs about our Creator. We just want to share some of what we have experienced on our spiritual journey and path.

We will generally use the term the Creator to describe our concept of the Divine, but we will also periodically use the term I AM. As we perceive the Creator in two forms, two aspects rather, we will refer to those aspects as God/Father and Goddess/Mother. We want people to be aware of these two aspects of the Divine. There may be times where we refer to God in other pages of this website, where we really mean both aspects of the Creator working together. Just keep this is mind. If that is too polytheistic for you, by all means, ignore the other aspect as you have been.

It is our belief that most all religions (with the clear exception of Satanism) are in fact worshipping and honoring or respectful of some higher power. This power gave birth to our universe and created all the peoples and creatures within it. Each religion varies on how this was done and how they personify the higher power, the Creator. Each religion could in fact be considered to be honoring different aspects of the one Divine Spirit/Creator.

Because it is often hard to imagine just exactly how the One, the I AM, the Great Spirit, etc. works, we have, in our spiritual belief systems, created more personalized versions of the Divine. It makes it easier to understand the Creator's unconditional divine love when we have some sort of face to put with that Creator. For some it is easier to picture a patriarchal Father figure the way Judeo-Christian religions view the Divine. This is what many of us have been taught from childhood and is often most comfortable for us. We will not be denying the Father as one of the aspects of the Creator. He is very much alive within and around us.

Others, like those that follow Earth-based religions acknowledge a second, feminine and matriarchal Goddess/Mother figure along with her companion God. Some emphasize a balance of honoring both masculine and feminine aspects as well as their additional aspects. But others are much more matriarchal and would like to deny the God (partially in defiance to patriarchal religions having been so domineering during much of our history). We want to shine some light on this aspect of the Creator. She is very much alive, much like the Father, and within and around us all.

However, something that we have probably harped on a lot in a previous section of this website is the importance of balance. You cannot develop as a whole individual spirit if you only focus on one aspect of the Divine. This means, to us, that society (and orthodox, mainstream religions) has pushed us to focusing only on the masculine aspect of the Divine while ignoring the feminine aspect of the Divine to the detriment of our spiritual development. So we want to bring to light both aspects of the Creator. Whether you choose to read about and accept both aspects is up to you.

Something we would like you to understand about us and our concept of the Creator. We don't quite consider ourselves polytheistic in our beliefs. We see both feminine and masculine aspects of the Creator as two halves of the same coin, essentially. Together they make the One True God of the I AM as we might refer. Separately they represent two harmonious and complimentary aspects that are more personable and relatable than an all-powerful One or All. This concept is most appropriately considered bitheism rather than strictly monotheism. This concept of Them being two halves of the whole would also align somewhat with yin and yang ideas from Eastern philosophies. Again, we cannot be truly whole individuals if we focus on one half and forget about the other half.

We also want to acknowledge Jesus, the Christ in another section. He is a very important part in Judeo-Christian religions. His teachings were inspirational and part of the truth we wish to share with you. Some denominations and sects of Judeo-Christian religions have corrupted and changed his and God's teachings to suit their own agendas, resulting in crusades, jihads, and discrimination against people that are different. We want to address him as to not ignore such an important figurehead in many religions and within the Kingdom of God.

We also want to address the concept of lesser gods or demi-gods or deva. These are beings that in Hindu cultures would be considered avatars of the true Creator Divinity. These beings are important aspects of the Creators and should be acknowledged here as well.

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