The Balance

Because evil now existed and persisted within Creation, the Creator had to establish rules for good and evil. Balance needed to be maintained to allow for their creations to grow. For the same reasons we suffer to understand happiness and appreciate it, Evil existed to challenge Mankind and allow them to see what true Good was. Good existed to keep Evil in check. Balance was a must in this universe. The scales will tip from time to time and pushes would be made to rebalance, because without the balance, chaos would reign.

The main rule that demons and angels must follow is that within in the Kingdom of Mankind, there must be an even balance between the representatives of Good and Evil. In other words, every time an angel comes down to Earth, and demon must also come up from Hell to Earth. This maintains the Balance of Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, within the Kingdom of Man. Whenever demons are killed by an angel or an angel killed by a demon, there is a push back and a battle generally ensues.

This idea of Good and Evil does not mean the world is in black and white. There are many shades of gray between what is fully good and what is wholly evil. A little bit of both good and evil is in each of us, including demons. Their souls, though very tiny, still persist. This doesn't mean that we let them rule us or control us or anything like that, but to hate them for giving into Evil is not the Creator's way and causes us to give into negativity and Evil ourselves. The Creator's way is that of Love for all Their creations, even those that forsake Them.

Balance is not just about Good and Evil. It is also about the balance of more harmonious aspects of our universe, like the elements and the various seeming polarities within it; masculine and feminine, light and dark, life and death, fire and water, air and earth. The list goes on. These polarities maintain the balance of the universe. Without one side of the polarity, the other would go into complete chaos. This balance exists within each of us and around all of us. We all work together, simply by existing, to maintain the balance of the universe. Each of us, with our own polarity leanings help to maintain balance. Together, we are all part of the balance. Individuals may at times represent this Balance, but they are representations of it, not the actual Balance. The truest sense of the Balance includes everyone (including demons and non-physical beings) within this creation, this universe.

Balance can never exist as an odd number. Odd numbers may be sacred for whatever reason (you may find many websites that discuss the meanings of numbers, both numerological and religious contexts), but they are not numbers of balance. Only even numbers are numbers of balance; two, four, six, eight (my personal favorite), ten, etc. These numbers denote completions, even balance, etc. Odd numbers can be sacred because they are one half (at least) of the balance. This is because the minimum balance is two, or male and female. You'll read later that we perceive the Divine Creator as existing as the two polarities of male and female, Father and Mother. This is to preserve the balance of this universe, thus our own balances must maintain this concept of male and female as well.

The universe is in a constant state of rebalancing itself. It does this on its own and with the help of the Elementals. Even if the balance of say Good and Evil tips too far to one side, the universe works automatically to correct this. This goes along with the laws of Karma. Karma is meant to balance the universe whenever our actions tip the scales. The universe never gets to the point that it is so off balance that it is irreparable. It is able to fix itself, with or without the help of specific individuals.

Free will aids in the self-balancing nature of the universe. We are given free will to freely choose between our natural polarities of masculine and feminine, of good and evil, of stagnation and dynamism, etc. Even if a great many people choose one side of a polarity, there are others who are choosing its opposite to balance out the universe. Only when there is no longer any life in the universe would the balance be void and beyond all repair, and we are far from reaching that point.

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