The History of Our Worlds

The following pages in this section are meant to shed light on a previously unknown or secret history of our world. It is time for this history to be made public and to no longer remain the secret that it has been. Others may still feel this history should be kept under wraps, locked away in vaults, and never revealed to anyone. We, however, feel this is history is part of everyone and that everyone is a part of it and should remember it or become privy to it. They always say that history is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn from it. Keeping this history a secret will only cause us to continue to repeat our mistakes and the mistakes of our spiritual ancestors over and over again.

We recommend you read the pages in this order:

Origin Story
The Fall and War in Heaven
Life After the War
War on Earth
The Balance
The Third Enlightenment
The Creator
The Three Kingdoms

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