Elementals are a race of beings that were created or had manifested at the initial creation of the universe. They are the oldest conscious beings in this universe besides the Creator itself. Though they possess no true soul, they are conscious, feeling beings of pure elemental energy. One might say they are the elements personified and made sentient. Elementals also control the element of which they are made up of and because of this they maintain and control the Balance of elemental energy in the universe. Like angels, they are servants to the Divine. Only in the Elementals case, they serve the feminine/Mother aspect of the Divine and serve to keep order in nature and of the balance of elements in it.

There are eight types of Elementals are as follows: air, fire, water, earth, light, darkness, time/space (also called void in some traditions) and a missing eighth type. This eighth elemental type was said to have disbanded and sent out into Creation so that it would always be a part of it and would never be lost. It was always vague about what this elemental type was. We'll let you theorize on what you think it might be. We have our own ideas. ;-)

Each element and group of Elementals has a head or chief Elemental that leads the others. Over the centuries this chief Elemental may change if another Elemental proves to have grown in power. There is also a chief Elemental of all of them. He or she is called the Voice. As there is a Voice of God, there is also a Voice for Mother/Goddess. This is usually an earth Elemental as the Goddess is associated with Earth, but this is not set in stone. Currently the Voice is an Air Elemental who is very spritely but also motherly and wise.

As mentioned before they are made up of the element they control. So an air elemental is made of air (please don't refer to them as sylphs, salamanders, gnomes, and undines as those names aren't what they go by). They do have the ability to take a human form though, but usually stay in their energy form as they can be around everywhere and everything. But they will take human form to communicate with any of the races of Man. And because of their nature as pure energy, they are able to hide themselves, and others, from all forms of detection (smell, clairsentience etc.) rendering them more or less invisible. When they combine themselves with their opposite Elemental they create a large explosion that can often decimate their enemy that they are fighting (think of mini-Big Bangs). As pure energy, they are also very difficult, if not impossible to kill.

Wiccans and Pagans often call Elementals into their circles to protect circle and allow them to raise energy for magic. When called in the right way, Elementals will often assist in sending out the magical energy and aiding the witch. But, they will also help out other, non-Pagans, to protect them and aid them, much like angels will.

The Elementals' home is on another plane of existence that is inaccessible to all except those with express permission. Do not go looking for their home. They prefer this place to be kept secret and free from any possible negative influences. They will come to you if you call them in a respectful and courteous way. They are not entirely reclusive; they just want their home to be left alone. Though their home is on another plane, they are not disconnected from this physical plane and metaphysical plane. As they are made up of the elements, they exist and persist in all planes to control, and maintain balance of the elements therein. You can find them where ever their element is located.

Though Elementals have relationships with one another (and sex for them is quite an intriguing concept to think about), they are unable to reproduce to create new life, as they are not quite living beings with souls. Elementals can combine their energy with others of their type to form a new, stronger and more powerful Elemental or they can divide to become two separate conscious Elementals. In order for this to happen the opposite elemental type must do the same thing in order to maintain the Balance.

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