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These are beings that have given in to evil and negativity. There are two main types: fallen angels and former Men. The original demons were the rebel angels that followed Lucifer in his rebellion and were cast down into Hell. They lost their grace and light and submitted to evil, becoming demons. (Note: other angels have fallen and become demons after this initial fall and others, during the war became demons through demonic blood injections.) The second type consists of former Men that submitted to and performed evil and never repented and were thus sent to Hell. Once there, they were tortured until their souls became virtually non-existent thus becoming demons.

God also has the power to create demons and half-demons. He creates Angels of Death as half-demons to allow them to go down into Hell and survive the extremes of heat (angels like it cool). He also, in some cases, has sent angels into Hell where they descend and become demons to allow them to survive Hell. These temporary demons are able to ascend again and become purely angelic once more (case in point being Sammael).

Appearances, Qualities, and Powers

One of the telltale signs of a demon that was once an angel is their large, leathery bat-like wings. Demons who were dead souls of Man do not possess these wings and never will. Former angels that are now demons have lost their grace, which has thus transformed almost every part of them, their wings being telltale. Both types have virtually no souls, though they still exist in a very minute form. They are pretty much full of evil. (I do not use the term darkness here because darkness, itself, is not evil…only where evil likes to hide.) They pretty much have no conscience and tend to only think in terms of their own desires and doing evil.

Evil corrupts more than just the soul, it will turn the outside ugly as well, especially if one was once part of Mankind and they were tortured in Hell before becoming a demon. So the intense amount of torture the soul goes through will inevitably cause the demon to appear hideous. Some are skilled at creating illusions so they appear more beautiful, and certainly the demons that were once angels are likely to actually be still quite beautiful looking. However, part of demons' MO is to tempt and thus will likely try to look more appealing to have this happen.

Demons have different domains of power. Some work with lies, others lust, pride, or killing. Any evil you can really think of there is likely a demon or several demons for it. Some are better than others at any given domain. Demons like to use people's fears and negativity against them to corrupt them and so their powers will be associated with these fears. Over time, the longer they live, demons powers will increase and particularly old demons will be quite powerful and difficult to defeat. This power is probably connected to them learning how to tap into the negative, ungrounded energy of the world around them. Demons feed off our negativity as it gives them power and strength over us.

Demon Blood

The blood of demons is so corrupted by the evil they have done and allow themselves to do, that it is highly toxic and corrosive. Demonic blood causes them to run hotter than other beings, which allows them to live in Hell (though they still don't find the hot, steaminess of it to their liking) without burning up. Angels (who are not Angels of Death) cannot go down into Hell and stay long because of the high temperatures there (cliché as it may be, it's true), but the demon's blood allows demons to survive the temperatures.

Continuing with the mention of angels, because of their blood, angels cannot be around demons (even redeemed ones) all that long. Demonic blood projects a certain aura that makes angels sick, though they are still able to fight each other despite this. Those that are Fallen also have an extreme sensitivity to being around demons. Other sensitives like Clairsentients sometimes also get sick because of the type of aura that demons and their blood projects.

Demon blood will also taint the blood of Mankind and angels alike (it will work more quickly on angels as they are beings of pure energy) if injected with even a small amount. It will spread through the system of any being and corrupt it, changing the person into a demon. This is the only sure fire way to turn another into a demon. I say this because free-will does allow us to ask for forgiveness when we've done evil, sometimes saving us from being sent to Hell. But if we were to be tainted with demonic blood, we would become a demon, even against our will. This is primarily why demons were winning during the War in Heaven for so long.

However, just because someone is injected with a few drops of demon blood does not mean they will definitely become a demon in this life. The process can be stopped and halted (in some cases even reversed). Angels have the ability to stop the spread of the blood taint if the process is caught soon enough. The person will always maintain a certain amount of demon blood in their system, but they will not be a full demon and will not necessarily be sent to Hell for an accident (unless they did it to themselves or made some pact with a demon, in which case that person may be doing a lot of evil already and be sent to Hell for that). Over successive lifetimes, the person may continue to be injected periodically with demon blood, however. The demonic blood will eventually build up in their system and if any previous lifetimes that were tainted before woke up, the process may eventually complete itself, turning the person (their soul and metaphysical body) in to a demon.

Vampyres are only race of beings that have a special enzyme in their system to combat demonic blood. This was their purpose in being created. Only a treatment with vampyre blood or their saliva can completely reverse a blood taint that is occuring at that moment and not a taint that has already occurred in the past and was halted. This means there is a limited amount of time in reversing the process of a blood taint. Having a previous lifetime as a vampyre (and that lifetime has woken and integrated into your consciousness and soul) also helps slow and stop the process of a demon blood taint, though it may not reverse it.

Note: Only the Creators can completely remove the blood taint from an individual, but only when they ask to be redeem. Even though it is not necessarily that person's fault that the tainting occurred, they still need to ask for it to be reversed completely.


Demons produce a nasty substance called sludge as well. It is an icky black, thick substance that is somewhat comparable to grease or oil in a car engine. It spreads and grows however like a living substance. It is corrosive like demon blood. They excrete this substance almost like a sweat and it aids in their corrupting and influencing people. It breaks down personal shields and the soul, leaving it vulnerable to attack and influence. It also prevents healing, as demons will often inject it during fights and attacks when they wound their victims. Unlike demon blood, it will not turn a soul into a full demon, it will only eat away at the soul until there is little left. At least in that lifetime. If the person is able to fight it off or has a chance at another life, their soul can attempt to grow again.

Demon Spawn and Worms

Something similar to sludge, which often grows inside it, is demon spawn. This isn't spawn in the way that demons breed and mate, but rather, larvae-like creatures that demons create and demonic sludge nourishes. They will feed off the host they are injected into, causing the soul to deteriorate and allowing the spawn to grow. These things are nasty critters and like to latch on to vital organs in the body causing a lot of pain. These will generally have to be pulled out in difficult metaphysical surgeries. We theorize that when allowed or able to grow to maturity, these spawn become empty shell like bodies that the tortured, newly demonized souls of former Men inhabit once their turning process has completed. Fully-grown spawn have no consciousness of its own and need a soul( no matter how small and insignificant) to control it and as a soul needs a body to protect itself outside the Kingdom of God, it becomes a very symbiotic/parasitic relationship. (Note: just because the soul is small as a demon, doesn't mean the demon is powerless.)

One last thing (and this one is limited to Lilith and her entourage) that some demons use as torture and offensive weapon and that is something we've simply referred to as worms. Lilith and her demons release spore-like eggs that will grow inside victims and eat away at the insides. They grow into worms and will spread to others around them if they are not stopped in time. They like to latch on firmly to organs and make it very difficult to extract them. I'm not sure what happens if these worms are not stopped from growing and spreading, and I'm not keen on finding out first hand.

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Brief History

As mentioned in the History of Our World, the first demon was the archangel Lucifer. He refused to recognize Adam and Man as his equal and started thinking he was better than not only Man, but also God. His vice was pride, the deadliest sin. He led other rebel angels who felt the same way and led them in battle against their brethren and God. Because of their submission to their vices and evil, they lost all their grace and light, corrupting deep into their souls, poisoning them and eventually transforming these former angels into demons.

When the angelic army of God was able to finally squash the demonic forces of Lucifer, Michael cast his twin brother into Hell. Other demons were thrown in as well, but some managed to evade this fate, hiding out on Earth to torment Man who had also "fallen" by this time. They began influencing and tormenting God's favorite creations, hoping they would all fall into evil and away from God.

The first human to become a demon was Lilith. As Adam's first wife and created at the same time she refused to submit to him, according to some sources. However, it is probably far more likely that when she realized that Adam did not love her and was in love with Eve instead, Lilith grew jealous. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." She left Adam in a rage and began sleeping with all the demons she came across to spite Adam and God. Lucifer discovered her and took her as his wife. She, of course, became a demon.

Afterwards, demons continued to corrupt and torment Mankind. They turned many of Mankind to their side during the War on Earth and many of Man into demons because of it. Even today they are still corrupting Mankind using several strategies.

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Demonic Strategies

There are three strategies that demons use to corrupt Mankind: possession, attack, and influence. Before, possession was used much more frequently, but as exorcism sends them back into Hell, it is used less often now to avoid this punishment. Influence and temptation is their primary means of corrupting today. Everyone is vulnerable to demonic strategies and evil influences. This includes angels, as they would never have fallen if they were exempt, and it includes anyone with titles or special purposes in life. We are all vulnerable and must acknowledge that to fight against any and all these demonic strategies.


Possession is the partial or complete control of person's body and personality by that of a demon. This is commonly depicted in modern film. Under possession, people will often do much more uncharacteristic things. This takes the form of violence, lust, and greed, among other things. The victim will usually become very sick because of it and will eventually lose all control and sometimes their memory of their time while possessed if they are ever freed of it. Some possession is only temporary and the demon will move on, others take a more permanent residence.

Exorcisms are often required to free the individual under possession. This will cause great strain on the victim and those performing the exorcism, but, if successful, the demon is cast back into Hell and confined there for quite some time. If the exorcism fails, and the victim dies, the individual often ends up being bound to that demon after death and cannot move on. In some cases, if no exorcism was performed and the individual dies with the demon still inside them, actively possessing or not, the demon is bound to the soul and will still be there attached to the soul after reincarnation. This is rarer, but does sometimes occur.


Demonic attack is quite common, especially for individuals aware and sensitive to the things on the metaphysical planes. Demons particularly like to attack individuals who meddle and bother them. Some prefer to be left alone in places they may be inhabiting/possessing and don't like when people poke around them so they will attack. This involves combat, sludging, implanting spawns, etc. If they particularly get pissed off they will proceed to influencing and even possession if so inclined. A person's guardian angels can help defend against these attacks but personal self-defense and psychic protection is always good to learn as well.


Influence is the most common strategy that demons use to corrupt people. This is sometimes referred to as temptation as well. This is when a demon secretly hides out around a person and often whispers doubts and temptations into the ears and mind of the individual. Sometimes, rather than just being around the individual they can hide out inside their victim's mind to avoid detection from others if the individual is more open to it. This will often lead more directly to possession later on.

Demons prefer this method to any other because it causes people to use their own free will in falling further away from God and doing evil. When this happens, if they sufficiently allowed evil to take over their actions, they will likely be sent to Hell when they die. Getting people to freely choose evil is something demons greatly desire. However, freely asking for forgiveness and meaning it will often reverse these affects and allow for additional chances of resisting evil in future lives.

Demons like to focus on people with a high amount of negativity in their life. Some people invite this negativity by simply having low self-esteem and being constantly self-defeating. Demons will influence these people into causing them to think more negatively and feeling depressed. Those under influence will questions and doubt many things about God (not specific religious doctrine as these are man created laws but overall beliefs in God and Jesus). These people will often seclude themselves from others they were once close too. Not all depression and negativity is due to demonic influence, demons just like to take advantage of people like this.

Note: dabbling in the occult or seeing psychics, being Wiccan or other alternative religion, using Ouija boards or tarot do not make one innately more susceptible to demonic influence or possession. Only the improper use and lack of establishing sufficient barriers against negative beings will open doors for these individuals. Drug abuse, alcohol or illegal and even legal, will often open one up to influence and possession however, or at least increased awareness of other planes of existence.

Dealing with Demonic Tactics

If you ever find yourself or someone close to you under demonic attack or influence, we wanted to give you some help in defending yourself. In the case of possessions, seek out a priest who has experience in exorcisms. Catholic priests will possibly have more experience than other denomination priests. We won't tell you how to kill a demon here, but we will let you know how to deal with the situation and the first thing you need to know if what a demon's weaknesses are.


Now, contrary to popular belief, demons can and will enter a church. It isn't the entirely safe haven we might think it is. Demons (particularly fallen angels) believe in God and Jesus and are able to enter their temples. This is beneficial for them where they are able to tempt and corrupt servants and devotees of God.

Because demons believe in God, they ARE vulnerable and powerless before Him. Holy water and holy objects will burn and affect them. Prayers that evoke God's name and Jesus' name as well as other saints names or angels will cause the demon to cringe and, with enough belief and energy put into the prayer the demon will leave. If you can face your fears and doubts, you can be safe with prayers and protective shielding. Calling upon angels and/or God/Jesus will also help protect you.

Don't be fooled into thinking that if you believe in God and Jesus and go to church that you are safe from demonic attack, influence and possession. They find you particularly more desirable to corrupt especially if you deny your own dark nature, fears, and doubts. However, it is often more difficult to fall victim if you are true believer in a higher power and source of good and take part in regular Eucharist. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that because you don't believe in evil or demons that you are exempt from their influence. They don't care what you believe and will tempt you either way, as you are also a child of God that He loves and are yet to be corrupted.

What to Do

Invoking the names of God; Jesus; Michael the Archangel; Saint Joseph, who is called the terror of demons; and/or even the Mother Mary will help bring you courage and bring you protection from these individuals. Saying prayers and litanies for these particular individuals will also help. Hail Mary, Our Father, Apostle's Creed, Saint Michael's prayer, etc. The prayer for Guardian Angels is also a very good one as well. Holding a Holy Rosary or other form of prayer beads like a japa mala also helps. You may find these prayers and others anywhere on the internet. Some links are included in our Resources.

Your biggest defense will be recognizing influence and acting quickly and accordingly. It is imperative to begin resisting any doubts you have and even go to church and seek the Eucharist to give you strength and courage to fight off influence. Know that if you feel like doing anything that would hurt yourself or others is part of demonic influence and denying these urges will help. Focus on positive things in your life and love. Especially divine or true unconditional love as this will allow you to resist influence and temptation. Eventually, with help from others and the Divine, the demons attacking and influencing will eventually give up and leave. In some cases, they may be forced to leave or killed by your angels and those you call if they don't wish to leave.

Note: never feel like an archangel is too busy or important to come help you. They are always there for you when you ask for their help. Also, doubts are normal for everyone to have and experience. They are not the only signifier of demonic influence and you should never let yourself feel guilt-tripped into believing you are being influenced for a few doubts that you have about life. Questioning is an important part of learning and growing. It is only when you start doubting your own self-worth or importance or whatever that causes you to not want to go or where you want to hurt yourself or others that is when there is a problem and that is when demonic influence is more likely at play.

To cleanse a room or area of negativity and influences that may be lingering, holy water sprinkled on the walls and windows and thresholds along with a prayer will do this just fine. The prayer itself honestly doesn't matter as long as you put the visualization and intention into it. Projecting your energy into the room will push out anything negative and create a barrier. Burning sage also helps to cleanse and purify. If you can't burn sage or incense, placing a few pieces in a bowl/dish of holy water will have a similar affect and still smell nice. This will help prevent further attacks but this protection will need to be maintained and redone over time.

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Demon Hierarchy and Levels

Like angels, demons have a hierarchy of rule as well as different power levels. There isn't as many clear cut versions and information out there on this, but here are some basics that we have experienced.

  • Satan – this is not an actual person so much as a title the lord/prince of Hell holds. In the current case, this title is held by Lucifer, the Prince of Hell. It was previously held, at one point in time, as permitted by God, by Sammael when she descended to Hell to watch over it. Sammael no longer carries the title as she has become a full angel and Seraph again and it has passed to Lucifer. This is why many sources will say that Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities. This isn't the case as I've heard several angels refer to Satan as being Lucifer. Satan is simply the title the ruler of Hell holds that allows him to rule and control his minions. This is the highest rank in Hell.
  • Seven "High" Archdemons – these are the opposite demons to the seven high archangels. They were all former archangels but fell with Lucifer. They are extremely powerful demons but typically only fight against their archangel opposites. Names of these demons are unknown to us and quite honestly, we are fine with that. Just be aware that they exist. These demons likely hold higher rank than many of the other demons in Hell.
  • Chief Torturer – this demon is quite a nasty guy. He is in charge of torturing new souls that enter Hell and turning them into demons. This is where the show Supernatural got things scarily accurate as this position was held by a demon named Alastair. And like in the show, he has been killed. But as there is always a balance that is needed, he was replaced by another demon, one that some consider to be even more cruel and horrible than Alastair was.
  • Levels – Demons have levels from one to five according to how much power they have. Level five is the highest level and these demons are quite powerful and fairly unstoppable. Periodically, based on their deeds and missions, demons will get boosts of power and get promoted, so to speak. This works even for demons that were former humans.

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Demons with Souls

Now, this may seem strange and foreign of an idea, but some demons regain their souls. Well, technically, they never completely lose their soul; it simply shrinks and is taken over by evil. But some find themselves with more soul than their brethren and thus more conscience and eventually, they ask for forgiveness and repentance. Many might say that once a demon always a demon and you can never trust them. In many cases they may be right. But God is the only one with the right to judge them and know them truly for what they are, so it is His right to allow them back into His Grace.

However, former angel or human or otherwise, demons cannot become what they once were ever again. But in the grace and love of God their souls may be nurtured back to something closer to being whole again and less shrouded in evil and negativity. There is a special place in Heaven for these redeemed demons, as angels have difficulty living around them due to their demonic blood and aura.

In whatever case, God loves all His children, including those that forsake Him and we should only hope to learn from His example. Don't, if you come across a demon claiming to have a soul and be in God's Grace again, take him or her entirely at their word. Do still use caution. If they have truly redeemed themselves, they will not force you or influence you to do anything you do not want to do or anything that may harm you or another individual in any way. If you think you are being deceived, call upon Michael or another archangel to remove the demon.

I have an open mind when it comes to these demons. I've met some that were supposed to be good again but turned out to be more manipulative and cruel than we could have thought possible and they were thus punished. But God does have a purpose for these demons and for those that continue to corrupt and do evil. Some day we will know the true purpose of this, if it is just a means of challenges for us as His children or something more.

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Demon Biographies

Lucifer – is the former archangel and cherub and twin brother to Michael who led the rebellion against God. He became a demon and was cast out of Heaven and into Hell by Michael. He took on the title of Satan, the Prince of Hell and ruler of the demons. He controls the inhabitants of Hell (though with demonic free-will, control isn't quite the right word). He helps maintain the balance in the world between good and evil by ordering pushes back if his demons are killed in confrontations with angels or other soldiers of God. He is not allowed onto our metaphysical plane unless God comes down as well. This is to maintain the balance. Instead he sends his agents to do his bidding. He found Lilith and made her his favorite wife and queen of Hell. He is a master at understanding people's vices and knows how best to tempt and influence not only Man, but also angels and demons. His sin is considered to be Pride, the deadliest sin. (Top of Section)

Lilith – is the first wife of Adam, though he never loved her. When she realized he didn't love her, she left him and began slutting around with any demon she came across. Eventually, Lucifer found her and made her his wife and queen of Hell, making her into a demon. She was the first human that became a demon. She has two preferred forms: that of a lusty looking, seductive blonde woman and that of a young girl, imitating innocence. She is far from innocent, however, and she will sleep with anyone she comes across, making her a demoness of lust and prostitution. She is under the impression that she is a vampyre and because of this delusion she will drink the blood of her victims. She also has several characteristics of vampyres and has learned to change others, demons (in a way) and Men, into vampyres. She is not a true vampyre, though. Just under the delusion that she is. She will eat children and babies. She has a fascination for healers and goes through many phases of obsession where she experiments with people. This experimentation involves working with an individual's latent and active powers and using it to her own advantage. She travels with a large entourage of lusty demons and followers. Alastair used to be a part of this entourage. She likes to implant worm eggs into her victims and enemies to cause them pain. She is unable to sense Red Legion Wolves, but can track and sense anything else. Her sin is considered to be Lust. (Top of Section)

Azazel – is one of the highest level archdemons in Hell. He was a former angel that fell with Lucifer. He is a particularly nasty demon and enjoys influencing by increasing one's doubt in self and others. He enjoys causing strife between people who were once close. He has shown up often in films as a villain like in Fallen with Denzel Washington. (Top of Section)

Alastair – was the former Chief Torturer in Hell. He was a former human that became a demon and took great joy and pleasure in torturing his victims. He was nicknamed "Picasso with a Knife." He was part of Lilith's entourage until he was killed in a battle between Lilith and the angels in recent years. He was then replaced by another demon that is considered to be even crueler in his tortures. (Top of Section)

These are the only demons worth mentioning here that we have come across that others will benefit from knowing about. There are others out there that we have come across and you may ask about them or see information elsewhere or later up on this page.

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