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Angels are beings with souls of pure light energy created by God (the male half of the I AM) to be His messengers, attendants, and warriors. They were His first creations and thus created as both male and female simultaneously. This does not mean they are entirely androgynous, but rather they are able to switch between their masculine and feminine forms quite easily. They usually prefer one gender to the other and occasionally they split these two halves in order to do double duty. They are basically twins in this respect. This is probably one of the reasons why certain angels who are primarily masculine are confused with their feminine half (i.e. Gabriel and his feminine half Gabby).

Angels generally appear as very beautiful humans with large feathered wings (number of wings depends on there class). Their wings will vary in appearance depending on the angel's personality or abilities. Their wings are like a thumbprint and no two angels have the same color, size, or shape of wings. As angels are beings of pure light energy, they do not technically have a metaphysical body like Mankind, but they are able to reside outside of the Kingdom of God without damage to their soul (unless they are killed). Angels are immortal in the sense that they do not age unless they desire, but they can be killed, which is usually at the hands of demons. Being pure energy they are highly vulnerable to demonic blood and sludge.

Angels are gifted in different abilities and skills and are able to train and teach others those skills. They are excellent teachers, messengers, warriors, healers, and comforters. They will always come to your aide if you call for them. They are powerful beings and can protect you when you need them.


Contrary to popular belief, angels are NOT celibate. They do have husbands and wives or partners. They have sex and they have children that are also angels. God is well aware of how His creations need a partner to be happy and allows all His creations to experience love in any and all its forms, including having children and teaching and sharing love with them.

Along with this, as extensions of God's will, they have intimate teaching and guiding relationships with Man. Some angels have been known to fall in love with daughters or sons of Man and are occasionally given the opportunity to incarnate into flesh to experience a life with their love. A great many angels do stick with their own race, possibly due to the fact that they do not participate in the cycle of reincarnation like Man.

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Free Will and Falling

Angels have much more limited free will than Mankind does. This does not mean they have no free will as that would mean that Lucifer and other angels could not fall. Angels were created to follow God's commands and, as they love Him, they follow willingly. But they also have the ability to disobey, as Lucifer and his rebel angels did. Those that fall in this way and with enough negativity and evil in their hearts become demons.

After the Fall of Lucifer and the War in Heaven was over, but before the War on Earth began, God handpicked angels to fall and become human. This would allow them to fully experience free will and the cycle of life and reincarnation. These angels are what we call Fallen Angels or simply Fallen. Once God allowed these angels to fall and become humans, all His angels were given this option and there were additional waves of angels that fell to became human. However, in order to become human, these angels' wings are suppressed deep down during the painful fall, but not completely removed. The trauma of this and the fall to Earth, also suppresses their memories and sometimes changes something else about the individual. In order to begin their first life as humans, these Fallen angels must die before beginning their new existence as humans. Unfortunately, in the beginning of these Falls this was often at the hands of demons who were jealous and angry and did not like the idea of their brethren becoming human.

In some instances, the illusion of being human is broken and the Fallen becomes aware of their true nature. Occasionally the Fallen is unable to accept this and either force the memories down or go a little crazy. This is due in part to the violence/trauma of the fall and also to the fact that some people just find it difficult to accept that they are not a "normal" human. In the cases where these Fallen are able to accept, in some part, their true natures, their wings are unsuppressed and they are given back their status of being angels only this time angels with full free will. They are given jobs (either what they had before they fell or what they would have had) in the service of God while also being allowed to participate in the cycle of reincarnation (this is left to choice and the Fallen can fully accept their angel roll and remove themselves from the cycle with God's permission).

Some angels even fall after the initial waves or occasionally cast out. Only God is infallible and so sometimes angels even lose their way and fall prey to the dark natures that Lucifer's fall opened them up to. These cases are rare, but when caught, they are cast out of Heaven like Lucifer and they become demons (if their hearts are negative enough). Other angels simply decide to fall and leave Heaven. In these cases, it depends on their purity of thought or how much they have given in to negative tendencies whether they become human (Fallen rather) or demon.

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Grigori/Red Legion

As mentioned in the section about the War on Earth, the Grigori were a legion of angels that Lycaon led. He proposed to God that he and his legion be allowed to fall and become something other than humans. God, agreeing, transformed Lycaon and his legion into shapeshifting humans with a strictly wolf form. This form was larger than a normal wolf and they were able to retain their consciousness and humanity while in that form. (As loathe as I am to say this, think of Stephenie Meyer's wolves in her Twilight series.)

Instead of their wings being suppressed like the Fallen before them, their angelic nature was completely given up and transformed into a natural shapeshifting ability and they were now wolves with a human form. Also, unlike the Fallen, these Wolves did not have to die to become what they now are. They retained their memories of having been angels, though sometimes it is fuzzy and difficult to access the memories from before they were changed. These wolves are able to have children with any other race out there, including their own, and those children in most cases are not fallen.

Lycaon then named them the Red Legion and they were charged with protecting Mankind from the demons that were tormenting them. They were also given the free will and chance at experiencing the cycle of reincarnation. However, there is a tendency for the Legion to not incarnate as often as Man due to living primarily in the metaphysical plane and living longer to aid and protect Man. They also incarnate during times of high need and/or purpose (like now as the Enlightenment is coming closer).

For more information about the Red Legion Wolves and other shapeshifters, please see that section.

Note: It is uncertain whether angels are allowed to fall and become something other than human, Wolf, or demon. With God, anything is really possible.

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Hierarchy of Angels

There are nine classes within the hierarchy of angels. These classes are not strictly exclusive. Often angels are considered to be in more than one class. This is a brief description of these classes along with short lists of angels known to be of those classes. For more details on the hierarchy please check out one of the external links we include in Resources.

  • Seraphim – have six wings; "the burning ones;" surround God's throne; Metatron and Sammael
  • Cherubim – have four conjoined wings; covered with eyes; four faces of man, ox, lion and griffon vulture; guard way to Garden of Eden and God's throne; Lucifer considered of this class before his fall
  • Thrones – beryl-colored wheel within a wheel and rims covered with 100 eyes; symbol of God's justice and authority
  • Dominions – divinely beautiful humans with feathered wings and orb of light scepter or sword to distinguish from other angels; regulate the duties of lower angels and preside over nations
  • Virtues – supervise movements of heavenly bodies
  • Powers – collaborate with Principalities in power and authority; bearers of consciousness and keepers of history; duty to oversee distribution of power
  • Principalities – wear crown and scepter; educators and guardians of realm of Earth; inspire arts and sciences
  • Archangels – chief angels; there are considered to be seven high archangels but there are many more; Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Sariel, Rapheal, Cassiel, Remiel, Raguel, and Anael are of this class as was Lucifer before his fall
  • Angels – general messengers, guardians, and teachers

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Duties of Angels

This is a list of types of jobs/duties/titles angels have in Heaven that are not restricted to any particular class. This list is not complete and not necessarily exactly correct in some cases. In no particular order:

  • Healers – study healing techniques and heal injured angels and other races of God's children
  • Musicians – singers, instrument players, etc; study music and perform for God and other angels; may also inspire music in Man
  • Artists – similar to angels of music only focused on various forms of art and help inspire it in Mankind
  • Watchers – watch and observe the universe and the people within it, keeping records of everything
  • Angels of Death – half angel and half demon as created by God to escort souls of the Dead to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory; assist in process of moving on; ability to destroy completely any soul consumed as well as ability to reap the souls of demons; they must be part demon in order to stand the fires of Hell when they take souls there
  • Angels of Judgment – decide where the Dead go after death based on their actions in life and their chance of learning and redeeming themselves; they do not like sending souls to Hell but will if necessary but all decisions are ultimately up to God
  • Librarians – keep the Great Library (AKA Hall of Akashic Records) in order and spend their time reading, researching, studying and recording information
  • Guardians – assigned to a soul throughout its cycles of reincarnation to guide, protect and comfort; there are at least two assigned to each individual, one to comfort and one that fights/protects where one is usually louder in their guiding
  • Teachers – teach others information (various types of knowledge as well as for different types of people; angels of hearing for example are considered to be teachers)
  • Messengers – take messages and deliver them to people in whatever means they can understand
  • Seers – those who receive visions of future events and keep track of the possibilities
  • Controllers – those who maintain the laws of the universe and change things according to God's Will (i.e. He likes to change things when humans are getting too close to piecing it all together)
  • Scientists and Mathematicians – study and teach science, math, physics, and biology as well as inspire it
  • Philosophers – study and teach philosophies and religions and theologies as well as inspire

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Angel Biographies

We have met several angels in our experiences (both from channeling and astral traveling) and this is a brief description of them and their personalities. Most of the archangels are twins as they were some of the first angels created. For more religious and recorded information, please see the external links we provide in Resources.

Michael – The Prince of the Archangels (and all angels) in charge of the armies of God's angels. He is the chief archangel and is the older twin brother of Lucifer who he cast from Heaven. He's definitely the big brother type, both in a brotherly sense and in the way he watches people a lot, especially during times of war. It has to do with that fact that he is often described as having wings of peacock feathers and the eyes of which see everything. He likes to play Halo and Guitar Hero on his oversized leather couch; though the later game he isn't very good at. He also likes people to sit in his lap, as he is very warm and friendly. His feminine half is Mikael (mick eye el) or Mikey as she likes to be called. She is separated from Michael so that he is able to get twice the work done without straining himself as much. He is currently in a relationship with an angel of healing. He has blond spiked hair because he can't stand the long locks he had earlier in his life. He has gold or green eyes depending on mood and quite muscular, preferring to wear black and combat boots. He is also the tallest of the main archangels. (To top of section)

Gabriel – is a bit rough around the edges and really doesn't get attached to very many people. He is a male, not a woman. This is a common misconception in artwork. He is one of the few angel males who keeps his hair longer (because he likes it being pulled during sex). Imagine something similar to Hugh Jackman's portrayal in Van Helsing. He has dark green eyes and olive tanned skin. His energy will typically make others high. He does have a female form as well that is separated. She goes by Gabby and is a much nicer and warmer version of him. His wings are black and he often likes to go without a shirt and typically only wears leather pants. He is the angel (though possibly in the form of Gabby) who visited Mary and informed her that she would be giving birth to Christ. He is a bit volatile and enjoys a good fight and is an excellent warrior. He is also said to be the angel who revealed the Qu'ran to Muhammad. Never call him a messenger boy unless you want to die a painful death. His favorite movies are the Resident Evil franchise. Raphael is his twin. (To top of section)

Sariel – is "the Knowing." He has visions of possible futures and relays them to God. He was once an angel of death and has light gray wings that are very large. He has very very pale blond hair and looks similar to an adult version of Draco Malfoy. He is rather stoic and enjoys doing tai chi naked. He is a twin with Sammael. He was the archangel that appeared to Jesus informing him that he was destined to be crucified and comforted him as he pleaded in the garden. (To top of section)

Uriel – is a rather shy angel with freckles and blond corkscrew curls. He is tall and lanky but still toned with hazel eyes. As he is shy, he tends to be the most covered and doesn't show as much skin as the others, wearing jeans, long-sleeved shirts and boots (usually in brown tones). He is rather baby-faced. He is very sweet and likes to give flowers to people he is fond of. He is an archer with flaming arrows. He and Cassiel are twins. (To top of section)

Raphael – is an angel of healing. He is married to the angel Anael and has had several children with her. He is really good at Guitar Hero. He is also Gabriel's twin. He has blue eyes with long straight black hair (longest hair of the male angels). He is muscular but less so than Michael and Gabriel. He has the palest skin out of the angels and typically will where blue jeans and white shirts. (To top of section)

Cassiel – is the chief librarian of the Great Library in Heaven. He rarely fights in battles against demons as for a long time he has remained in a younger form than his brothers. He looks like a surfer kid with golden sun-bleached shaggy blond hair and tan skin, complete with hemp necklace with puka shells. He is very happy-go-lucky and sunny with a bit of shyness but coming out of his shell more as he has grown up to an adult form. He is Uriel's twin. (To top of section)

Raguel – is an archangel as well and works with shields and shielding. He is quite nice and sympathetic. (To top of section)

Remiel – has been described as bishie though he will wear black in everything except a white long-sleeved undershirt. He has black hair and black eyes. (To top of section)

Anael – an angel of healing. She is clairsentient, but is in charge of clairaudients. She likes to play matchmaker and her favorite color is pink. She is married to Raphael and has three children with him: Aliel, Ezekiel and Zekiel; angels of wisdom and war, persuasion, and death respectively. She also placed a bet with Gabriel as to who could start a bigger war. She won by causing Paris and Helen to get together that led to the Trojan War.(To top of section)

Sammael – is a Seraph who is the companion to Metatron. She is Sariel's twin sister so she looks similar to him with pale blond, bobbed hair. She was originally in male form, and was asked by God to tempt Man in the form of a snake to eat from the Tree of Knowledge so they could gain awareness of their free will. When Lucifer and his followers fell, Sammael descended into Hell on God's orders as a demon (as angels cannot be in Hell for any extended period of time without burning) to keep order in Hell as Satan until Lucifer could take over the title and rule Hell and maintain balance. When this happened, Sammael ascended again, but the process of removing his demonic blood was difficult and took many long years. In order to do this, his masculine half, which he had been since his beginning had to be suppressed and his feminine half had to come forward completely. This is why Sammael is now a female and not a male as she was before. In order to aid in this transition, she was assigned to be a companion to Metatron, who she has a crush on. She is a devil's advocate type angel who is in charge of testing people. (To top of section)

Metatron – is the Voice of God. He was formerly the human prophet Enoch and the only human that was turned into an angel. He is a Seraph like Sammael who accompanies him as he goes about is voicely duties. He is oblivious of Sammael's feelings for him. (To top of section)

Zekiel – is the current Angel of Death. He is the second son of Anael and Raphael and goes by Zeke. He is rather busy, as there are a lot of people dying every day. He doesn't like it when the Dead run away from him when he goes to take them to the Afterlife. He enjoys Guitar Hero. He has black wings and is a half demon and half angel as is necessary for Angels of Death. (To top of section)

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