The main types of wolf shapeshifters are Legion, Cursed, and Shifter Wolves. They have similar qualities to each other and those will be discussed first before we move to discuss aspects of them that make them different from each other. These wolves are also the reason for the myths of werewolves or lycans, but most Hollywood interpretations and mythological descriptions of them are incorrect.

Appearances and Abilities

First and foremost, their form is that of a wolf. But not your average sized Gray Wolf that you may or may not find roaming the world. Their shifted form is quite a bit larger than any normal wolf. Think of the wolves from the unfortunate Twilight Saga. Their natural form is that of humans (with the exception of Legion Wolves which will be discussed later). And with the exception of Cursed Wolves, these shapeshifters maintain their humanity and human consciousness while in wolf form and can communicate mentally to other shapeshifter wolves while in that form. Non-shapeshifters can create telepathic links with them to communicate with them as well because of their human consciousness.

The appearance of their wolf form often relates to their physical human appearance and/or personality. Smaller individuals will have a smaller wolf form, but still typically larger than the Gray Wolf, and larger, more muscular individuals will have a much larger wolf form. Those that are runners will typically be smaller and faster and those that are fighters will typically be more muscular and larger in their wolf form. Their fur and eye color will at times translate from their human form to their wolf form and vice versa. In the cases where this doesn't happen it is usually a translation of some aspect of their personality.

All wolves, human Shifter or Legion or Cursed, run hotter than non-wolves. (Again, think Twilight; Stephenie Meyer was fairly spot on with the wolves in her story even though she kind of screwed up the vampyres.) Anyway, because of their link to their animal form, their blood and senses match that of the animal they shift into. Wolves run higher temperatures than normal people, so human Shifters, Legion and Cursed Wolves all have naturally higher temperatures, both in and out of their animal form. This is often a way to tell if someone you know is part wolf; they will project a lot of heat and are nice snuggle buddies. Females, though, do not run as hot as male wolves though, but still hotter than non-wolves.

Wolves also have a greater sense of smell than normal individuals, and they can often tell the mental, physical or emotional state of an individual from their scent. The biochemistry of the body changes and they can pick this up. When connected to someone specific, they can even smell that person miles and miles away to either track them or keep an eye on them (this happens with marking).

Aside from their shapeshifting ability, wolves have other gifts that allow them different combat advantages. These abilities are similar to other races of beings out there, particularly humans as this is their other form. Those that have are half wolf and have nymph or elf or other race's blood in their metaphysical body and soul can also inherit abilities that are reserved for those races (see the following section below). These abilities are almost always unique in some fashion as are other individual's abilities and will be discussed in the sections of Gifts.

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Children of wolves, particularly with two wolf parents, inherit their shapeshifting ability and form from their parents. They cannot choose to shift into something else. For Legion wolves, there are some differences in how their children are born, but that will be discussed later on. For now, if children are born to one shapeshifter parent and the other is another race of Man or Supernatural, they still inherit the shapeshifting ability and form from the wolf parent. These children will also inherit characteristics from their non-wolf parent. And as spiritual genetics work differently, sometimes the percentage of inheritance isn't exactly even, but the shapeshifting ability will be inherited regardless. Shapeshifters seem to have a higher chance of having multiples, which may relate some to their animal of choice (as wolves have several pups in a litter, as do even cats and other animal species).

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Hierarchy and Social Ladder

Shapeshifter Wolves, regardless of type, typically follow a fairly strict hierarchy and pack mentality. They have an alpha, usually male, and a beta that keep the pack in line. Other pack members are usually given ranks and roles based on their age, experience, abilities, and sometimes even gender. Some packs see females as breeders but others will see them as equals.

Alphas are typically born with the innate ability to command other wolves within their pack. They are also, if born alphas, usually larger than their comrades and pack members. They have the ability to command their pack, which the pack members are compelled to follow. Only another wolf with alpha potential can really ignore these commands.

Betas are second-in-commands in a wolf pack. They take on the role of alpha when the alpha is away or if he dies. They are able to command in his absence to keep the pack in line. Some betas are actually born alphas and allow another to be the head alpha. Others are born betas and have taken on the role of alpha within their pack.

Other wolves are allowed to challenge the alpha when they feel that the alpha isn't doing their job and the alpha will recognize the challenge. This prevents chaos from running the pack. Some alphas are not natural born alphas, but gained the leadership position from a previous alpha that either stepped down or was challenged and had lost. In these cases, the wolf that wins then has a title of alpha, rather than the innate alpha lineage. The title gives them the ability to give commands and orders to the pack, which will fall in line.
Alpha females are something much different than alpha males, however. There is a difference between having dominant personality and that of being a true alpha female. For females, regardless of being wolf or a non-wolf, being an alpha female has nothing to do with dominance over others or ability to command and run a pack. It has to do with her ability to produce alpha male children. Certain females have the potential to produce and carry offspring that are male wolves with alpha potential. When mated with an alpha wolf, this chance is even greater. Along with this, these females have the ability to command other wolves away from them to protect themselves while they are in heat. (Yes, this is what they call it, even if you are a human. And it typically starts a week before your period up until you finish your period. Your scent changes during this time and you become more desirable to males for mating purposes.) You will often see alpha females as the mates to alpha males and in some cases acting as a second pack leader (like in vampyre covens).

A note on dominant personality females. These are usually females that must have things done their way. They often confuse themselves as being alphas, but in the wolf community, they are not. They are simply female leaders or dominant females. They do not have increased chances of producing alpha male children and cannot command the same way alpha males and alpha females do (even though they might like to think that they do). These females will typically be more hostile toward other females that are either more independent or true alpha females, as these females are typically threats to their presumed authority.

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Wolves are highly monogamous and territorial, particularly once they find a mate. They will get jealous of attention that others pay their mate and don't really understand open relationships. They will typically be very defensive of their mate. To ensure that others do not mess with their mate they will mark their territory with a bite. This warns other wolves to stay away from that individual and that he or she is claimed by another wolf. (Marking is also possible for other races as well, but is most common in wolves). This mark manifests in the form of a bruise that lingers for a while, but once it disappears, the mark does not leave (unless removed by breaking the bonds and connections between the individuals). The lingering mark will come across as a specific scent with its own possessive aura and the faint remains of a bite mark.

Wolves, of all types, are also very territorial of the area where they live and protect. If other packs or other highly territorial races come into the area there will usually be challenges issued and fights that will establish who is the dominant pack of that area. The pack that is moving through will often leave shortly after this if they lose or else stay to establish an alliance with the other pack. This challenge system is innate in the wolf mentality and will often be the way they handle each other and other types of races of beings that move through their territory. Depending on the race, fights/challenges or diplomacy discussions may take place.

The remaining information about these wolves is dependent on their type and will be discussed in their respective sections.

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Red Legion Wolves

This race was previously mentioned in the sections about the History of the Worlds and about angels. Red Legion Wolves are either former angels or the offspring of Fallen Legion members. Those angels that fell were led by Lycaon to protect and defend Mankind during the War on Earth. They completely gave up their angelic status and became completely "human" with two forms: their human form and their wolf form.

Their children, however, are born as wolves and are, in many cases, not Fallen angels. The only exception to their children being born as wolves is when a Legion Wolf mates with a non-wolf. Because of how spiritual genetics works, some children of a Legion and non-wolf will be more or less wolf than their siblings. If they are more wolf than non-wolf, they will grow in the womb and be born as wolves. If they are less wolf than non-wolf, they will grow and be born as human (or another race). If they inherit alpha potential, they will always be born as wolves (and be larger than non-alpha siblings).

Because the children are born as wolves, it is often imperative that the mother be able to shapeshift into a wolf to compensate and give birth to the wolf children. If, however, the mother is not a Legion Wolf (or other shapeshifter) and the child is more wolf than non-wolf, pregnancy and delivery can be very difficult. Human, nymph, elf, etc. have bodies that are not exactly capable of carrying wolf children. Nymphs and elves are much frailer than wolves and the stress of giving birth will sometimes result in the mother's death. Caesarian sections are often needed to deliver the wolf children sooner than their natural due date to ensure the survival of children and mother. If some children are non-wolf and some are wolf, this is even more imperative as the non-wolves typically grow slower and will need to be incubated after delivery.

All wolves and shapeshifters have a very high metabolism and need to eat frequently, particularly foods high in protein. However, Legion Wolves cannot hold their alcohol (this does not necessarily hold true for other shapeshifters). This is due to their angel lineage as angels were restricted in their alcohol consumption to maintain their sobriety. As Legion Wolves are also meant to be protectors and guardians, this prevents their metabolizing alcohol. Although any being can build up a tolerance overtime.


I just want to reiterate here the history of Red Legion Wolves in case anyway skipped the page of the History of Our World or the section on them on the angel page.

After the War in Heaven, when demons had started terrorizing Mankind on Earth, Lycaon, a angel-general of a legion of angels, went to God and asked if he could fall to Earth, along with his angels, and become something other than just human. He requested to become a shapeshifting race of Wolves that had the strength and power to help protect Mankind from the demons and those that allied with them. Lycaon believed that this was the only way to protect and teach Mankind to defend themselves against evil. Making his case, God agreed, under the condition that Lycaon and his angels would completely lose their angelic nature to become Wolves. They would no longer be angels and would not be considered Fallen, like the angels God had asked to fall before Lycaon's request. They would be a new race of beings, with the memories of being angels and the strength and abilities of shapeshifters.

Lycaon agreed and he and his angels fell. Unlike the Fallen before him, they did not have to die to assume their new existence and form. They were Wolves, the Red Legion. Groups of wolves split into packs under the leadership of different Alphas and all following their supreme Alpha, Lycaon. They swept the Earth, fighting against demons, taking in orphaned children, training Mankind to fight and defend themselves against evil.

Lycaon found a mate in another Legion wolf, Zeeva, but eventually, as the War of Earth began to cool and end, she betrayed him. As the Legion began to settle in different villages and start families with various Wolves and other races, Zeeva plotted with her lover and a horde of followers corrupted by the evil that crept into their midst, to convince humans that the Legion Wolves were evil. She told the humans in a nearby village that Lycaon and his wolves had betrayed God and were not His soldiers, but the soldiers of Lucifer and the demons.

They believed her lies and they marched against Lycaon's and the Legion's villages, burning and slaughtering the families of Wolves. Most were killed, with only a few survivors here and there, and Zeeva watched the destruction from a far. The Legion Wolves did not entirely die out, however. As Lycaon began to be reincarnated, so did his Wolves when they were needed to protect Mankind and fight against the demons. Often, they were incarnated in only the metaphysical plane, not bound by the confines of physical mortal bodies. They walk among us, protecting and sometimes straying from the path, like many of us, but they are still here.

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Cursed Wolves

Continued History of the Legion

God had observed the betrayal of Zeeva and cursed her and her lover and all her Wolf followers. They could no longer control their wolf form. They had no more human consciousness when they transformed. They were beasts. They were the werewolves that many legends speak of.

The Curse

Where the Red Legion Wolves (as well as other shifters) have the ability to remain conscious and sentient in their wolf form, the Cursed Wolves of Zeeva no longer have that capacity. In their wolf form, they had no human consciousness. They were wild, feral beasts bent on feeding and killing while in wolf form.

Because they had no control of their wolf form and due to the amount of pain it caused them now, they tried to avoid the change.But God made sure they would pay for their betrayal. Every full moon the Cursed Wolves were forced to transform. Even during periods of heightened emotional stress, they would transform and kill and eat whoever was in their path.

Because of their curse and the issues they have when transforming, Cursed wolves often do not produce offspring. They aren't necessarily sterile, but it can be dangerous for them to have children if they are to be born as wolves (remember they have origins in Legion wolves whose offspring is born as wolves). If the Cursed wolf has to transform to give birth, there may be issues in delivery while the mother is in her wolf form.


This is the only group of shapeshifters that can turn others into wolves like them. This is part of the curse. The process is unnecessary to fully explain, much like how we haven't explained how vampyres are created. Not everyone should become wolves or should make other people wolves. When they are turned they are cursed like the one who turned them. This is a very painful process for the victim, and because they are often turned against their will (sometimes even accidentally) they reject their curse and will often go mad. This madness can often result in their very early demise. Most Cursed Wolves who have been turned do not live very long after their turning.

There is no cure for these turned Cursed Wolves, and even the Cursed Wolves of Zeeva. Like vampyres, once a Cursed wolf, always a Cursed wolf until death. And then reincarnation will suppress this nature in their new physical form. Metaphysically, a person who has had a life as a Cursed wolf can take on traits of their past life. See the Reincarnation page for more information.

Curse Wolves have walked this physical world. Their transformations have also taken place in the physical world once upon a time. However, as far as I can tell, they, like other shapeshifters, have not been able to transform their physical form in hundreds of years. But, because of the coming together of the Worlds once more, this may change, and shapeshifters of all sorts, may eventually be able to shift in a more physical way. But for now, no one is at risk of physically becoming a Cursed Wolf.

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Shifter Wolves are humans with the natural ability to shapeshift into a wolf (or other animal), as mentioned earlier. They do not need to raise magical or psychic energy to change their form into a wolf as it comes naturally and easily as an innate ability and gift. They are quite similar to Legion Wolves and most all of the information in the above section of general Wolves apply to them.

Shifters are still human, but have the ability to shift their form into some type of animal, most commonly wolves. But other animal forms that are common are tigers (the inspiration for weretigers) and panthers. As mentioned before, their animal form is not necessarily chosen, but inherited from their parents. This is a natural ability, again, that requires no energy raising and as they are human, they are not a separate race of Mankind. They are human, but with the ability to naturally transform into a given animal form, thus we call these humans Shifters.

One difference between Shifters and Legion Wolves is that since Shifters are humans, their offspring are born human. As the child grows they learn to use their ability to shapeshift. There are no issues with the birthing process of their children unless they happen to mate with a Legion wolf. Even then, a Shifter is capable of transforming and maintaining their humanity while turned so there will be no issues during labor and birth.

A note of the term Were and Werewolf. All of the three above races are essentially werewolves. This term really just means "man wolf" and all of them, Shifter Wolf, Legion Wolf, and Cursed Wolf have human "man" forms and a wolf form. They are not anthropomorphic wolves like you see in Wolfman and Underworld and Van Helsing. They are like what you see in Twilight. But, as any of these above groups can be called a werewolf and as Hollywood and folklore has ruined the true meaning of werewolf, we avoid this term and refer to them as Legion, Shifter or Cursed Wolves. Were could also be used to refer to other shapeshifter animal groups like Shifter Tigers (weretigers) etc. But, we prefer to use the term Shifter for them and not Were. Were implies the old legends that got twisted up along the way of oral traditions and lies various groups tried to pass along to convolute the true histories and definitions of these races. Lycan could also be used to describe these races like Were, but we prefer the terms we've used above. I hope this did not confuse you.

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