Skinwalkers are a peculiar race of shapeshifting beings. They are one of the thirteen races of Mankind. This race, unlike any other shapeshifter races, is able to change every bit of their appearance and aura to appear as something else. This is not limited to animals, and that usually isn't what they choose to shift into. They can change their eye color, facial appearances, etc. to the point of appearing to look like another race. They are able to exude an aura to match this appearance to confuse anyone around them. Besides themselves, only The Creator can really tell who the members of this race are and only The Creator really knows their true form. We often like to think of them as an amalgamation of every race of beings that God has ever created, thus they can shift their appearance and aura into any race they come across.

There is no way of describing what they really look like as they can look like anything and anyone. They are not a particularly friendly race as their frequent shifting causes some instability in their mind and character. This doesn't mean every member of this race is cruel, but they are tricky to work with. They are able to mate with other races and sometimes those unions can create a more stable Skinwalker who inherits some of their parent's traits (i.e. half elf half skinwalker offspring are much calmer than full Skinwalkers). Though, in some cases, these unions might produce even more unstable offspring. It is often easier for half-Skinwalkers to recall and change into their true form as the stability of their other race gives them this luxury. But they often do not show this form to anyone, unless they trust them enough or simply want to.

Skinwalkers are also capable of shutting off their aura completely to hide from detection. They are good with shields as well, particularly those related to invisibility. Tied to this, they are able to penetrate others' shields and barriers without tearing or breaking them down.

Unfortunately, Skinwalkers have been confused for other beings and people. They are sometimes confused with their former brethren of Chimera and they are sometimes confused with evil shamans and sorcerers who have the ability to shapeshift. Skinwalkers are not the beings from Native American myths that associate them with evil and deception. They are not wizards or shamans who put on the skins of animals and shapeshift to cause havoc. Though they share the same name, the skinwalkers (we'll use the lowercase here to denote the difference) of Native American tales are people of magic that use energy to shapeshift. They often use animal skins to do this, hence the name skin-walker. These people are not always bad or evil, but many associations with these skinwalkers are because they are often people who have chosen to do evil and bad things with their power to shapeshift.

Though true Skinwalkers have a tendency to be less than stable, this is because of years of hiding in secret from those who have persecuted. They are not innately evil, just like no human is innately evil. The skinwalkers of Native American legends are people who have learned the art of shapeshifting, with the use of skins, and have used that art for selfish and cruel ends.

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