Chimeras were formerly a clan of Skinwalkers that proved to be particularly volatile and cruel clan. This clan chose to side with demons during the War on Earth, thus becoming their own species, hence why they have their own separate page. They are fairly malicious. Like other Skinwalkers, they have no defined form or else, like other Skinwalkers, they have no recall of their true form and take whatever form is most comfortable at the time. Their choice to side with demons caused them to become less and less like the rest of the Skinwalkers out there and they became something else. This is why they are no longer considered a part of the Skinwalker race. Because of their siding with demons, they had set out to assassinate those that opposed the demons, particularly angels and anyone that angels were involved with. Because of this, Gabriel set out to kill them and fell to do so. He slaughtered the entire clan thus they are, more of less, extinct.

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