The following section will focus the following races: Legion Wolves and Cursed Wolves, Shifters, and Skinwalkers and Chimeras. Now, Legion Wolves are considered supernaturals because of their heritage as angels and Cursed Wolves are also supernatural due to their curse. Shifters are actually a part of Mankind as they are actually Humans with natural shapeshifting ability. Skinwalkers are also a race of Mankind and Chimeras were a subgroup or clan of Skinwalkers (explanation is on their page). These races are all included here as they share a similar ability: the ability to shapeshift, or change their form.

There are really three forms of the shapeshifting ability (for additional information see our abilities page) that can be termed as genetic, natural, and magical. The races in this section are all genetic shapeshifters except Shifters so we'll distinguish what the difference between the types is. Genetic shapeshifting is a genetic trait passed through bloodlines where the humanoid beings share genetic traits with their animal form. This means that their soul energy and metaphysical bodies is a mix of humanoid genes and animal genes and, in many ways, they are more animal than humanoid. Genetic shapeshifters are only able to change into one animal form and no other. They are then able to shift between a human form and an animal form with ease.

Natural and magical shapeshifting are very similar to each other in that they are abilities involving some amount of energy raising to shift forms from humanoid to a given form. Natural shapeshifting is, however, an inheritable ability and does not require much energy to transform. Natural shapeshifters usually only have one given form they can change to. They do possess traits in their humanoid form that their animal form possesses; it just isn't in their metaphysical genetics the same way. They are able to pass on this ability and form to their children, much like other abilities are sometimes passed on. (Note: Some natural shapeshifting involves simply changing ones size, as pixies are capable of doing.)

Magical shapeshifting requires much more energy to perform. One has to raise their energy to change it to mimic an animal's energy and behaviors. With more skill they can change their metaphysical body completely into the animal form. Over time, with practice in using the same form, the shapeshifting requires much less energy to perform. Magical shapeshifting does not have a set form that one can shift into either. Any animal form is possible with the right amount of focus on knowledge about it. Anyone can learn to magically shapeshift. The process takes time, but anyone is capable of it.

Note: At one point in time, shapeshifting could occur in the physical reality. Now it is generally just reserved for the metaphysical reality only. This is due to the division between the worlds and the fact that most supernatural beings have chosen to incarnate in the metaphysical plane without physical bodies.

Here, we will focus on wolves as they are quite common and there are several important types that need to be explained and clarified. There are other types of animals that people can shapeshift into, but wolf shapeshifters have played a more known role in the history of our worlds (particularly Legion Wolves).

The following pages are broken into three pages: Wolves for Legion, Cursed, and Shifters; Skinwalkers, and then Chimeras.

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