This is a small, dwarvish race of beings that are typically depicted as wearing green. They are said to be seen near rainbows and guard pots of gold and treasure. They can be tricksters like Goblins and Pixies, but generally this is related to trying to prevent people from taking their treasures. They enjoy partying and drinking as well as gambling. It is often difficult to win against a Leprechaun in a bet, so be wary if you do try to gamble with them. But, when drunk enough, their gambling skills will often decline. Aside from their treasures and gambling habits, they also enjoy tinkering with various mechanical items.

This race is a subrace of Mankind. They are not part of the original thirteen races, much like Trolls, but they are still a part of Mankind. They possibly originated from a mix between Pixies/Fae and Dwarves, Pixies/Fae and Gnomes, or Dwarves and Gnomes, or else a subclan of Gnomes.

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