These are small, stout race of beings that, like pixies, are highly mischievous. They are particularly fond of playing tricks during October and have a competition of trick playing with other beings in their area. To appease them during this time and to avoid having tricks played on you, offer them dishes of candy corn, or other sweets that they will enjoy. They are very proficient fighters, though, and don't always sit around playing tricks. And because of their mischievous natures they are friends with pixies.

They are not evil beings that many fantasies will paint them as, though this doesn't mean that some didn't choose the support demons. Those that did, might be something to what fantasy movies and books like Lord of the Rings call orcs (but this is just a theory). However, most sided with the Red Legion and fought alongside Mother Superior and her Army of Mankind.

They are very much associated with the element of earth and tend to live in caves and forests or in underground caverns and protect these areas, like other races close to nature. Sometimes you can spot a goblin in the form of a lump against a tree that disappears from time to time.

When it comes to playing tricks, they often do not stop in their tricks just because they are bored with it, as pixies will do. They are more focused than pixies and will continue to play tricks, even when ignored. Unlike pixies, they will play many types of tricks that do not always involve shiny things and stealing. They may often even break things in their trick playing, whereas pixies will move (or steal) jewelry, keys, coins and other shiny objects from their designated locations.

This race is not one of the original thirteen races of Mankind. They are a subrace of Mankind, like centaurs, that came about after the initial creation of Mankind. They were discovered on Earth by the Lycaon and he recruited them for his army, the Red Legion, as they were decent fighters. They are a race created to take care of the Earth. They are possibly a subclan of dwarves or other smaller species of Mankind, or else they are another race created after the Fall of Mankind.

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