Typically, whenever anyone thinks of a fairy this is the species that they are really thinking about. Pixies are a race of tiny humanoids with wings, slightly pointed ears at the tips, and are able to fly. They They are usually associated with the element of air (being the most whimsical element) or fire (being a very passionate element); though don't limit them to just these elements.

They are typically small about five inches tall, but they have the ability to change their size and become big, though still smaller than humans are. In this larger form they are able to mate with larger races and have children with them. They also mature and age differently (slower) than humans, living longer than humans. It tends to take pixies longer to mature than any other race because of their attention spans and high energy levels. A child looking to be five years old, and maturity level being about the same, is really about fifteen in pixie years. This is relative though and there are no hard fast rules to this.

Their wings don't allow flight in their grown form though. These wings frail like a butterfly's or dragonfly's wings are only strong enough to allow a pixie to fly while they are tiny. These wings will invariably be like a fingerprint for each individual pixie, so no two are exactly the same shape, size, and color. These wings are also able to be hidden, and suppressed at will, though if this is done for extended periods of time it will start to hurt and will need to be released and stretched (this is the same for angel and their wings). Wings will pass on to offspring with humans, but other races tend to supersede this part of a pixie's traits.

Metabolism and Energy

They are fairly petite and lithe with a very high metabolism and must eat a lot to maintain their energy levels (though their eating is generally grazing), but some pixies can become overweight and diabetic, particularly if in a human physical body. You'll often find pixies eating frequently to boost their energy. Many like sweets and chocolates, but will also eat foods high in protein and carbs for better energy. Because of how quickly they metabolize food and drink, it is rare to find a pixie capable of becoming drunk. They can inject large quantities of alcohol and still remain sober (well, as sober as a pixie can be). This metabolism has a lot to do with their extremely high sex drive and sexual activity (which is why I consider "nymphomania" a misnomer).

Sex, or at least orgasms, is a requirement for pixies. If they do not have sex on a regular basis once they reach puberty/sexual maturity, they will reach a point where they are so horny they cannot control themselves (much like a bloodlust) and will jump any willing partner as soon as possible to release their pent up needs. This is sometimes dangerous to the partner(s) if they are not pixies, as the pixie can actually kill their partner in the process of sex from wearing them out. If the partner does survive this they may often end up being addicted to sex and begin to require it on a more frequent basis.

When they have had a lot of sex, they will often sleep for long periods of time. This also applies if they've had a large meal. They take the time to recuperate and build up their energy reserves once more. This isn't to say they run out of energy quickly all the time, they just like to nap and sleep and eat quite frequently to offset the energy they use during sex or other activities.

Pixie Dust

Pixies also produce a sticky, shimmering/sparkling dust-like substance referred to as pixie dust. But contrary to J.M. Barrie and Disney, pixie dust does not allow you fly. Pixie dust is actually an aphrodisiac or stimulant that causes anyone in contact with it (including the pixie that produces it) to experience a growing sexual drive and horniness. The dust has energy of its own and will give the individual who has been dusted an extra boost of energy that will allow them to perform beyond his or her natural prowess. Extra staying power and recovery, if you will. When ingested, these effects are quicker and rather than a gradual build up desire the individual will almost instantly feel the need to have sex, so minute amounts are all that is needed to lace food or drink. Topically, a lot more dust is needed for the instant reaction. This sexual reaction is only applicable to sexual mature individuals, but for children, dust simply makes them giddy and happy and allows their imaginations to run a little more freely, perhaps even allowing them to see pixies and other beings in the metaphysical realm.

Another thing that pixies can do with their dust is cause pain. This is much more specialized and varying levels of pain can be induced by the amount of intention the pixie puts into it. The sex dust is the natural dust they produce, but with intention the dust can have increasingly more degrees of pain. The smallest degree of pain can be pleasurable for some, but the more intense the pain the more the one affected will feel the need to claw off their skin. This can be a serious weapon and most don't seem to use this unless seriously pissed off or in need of defense.


Pixies are very mischievous beings. They like to play tricks, particularly by dusting people to make them horny. They like to get laid and like others to get laid on a regular basis. They will play other types of tricks as well, usually teaming up with goblins to pull these pranks. But they are still quite friendly and enjoy making friends. They love shiny things and will often steal keys, jewelry, coins and other shiny objects as tricks as well (a difference between goblins and pixies is that a pixie will often keep the items while goblins simple hide them).

One thing that Barrie got correct is that pixies are unable to really hold more than one emotion at a time. They frequently can change moods. It often takes a lot to piss off a pixie, but once you do, be careful of their wrath. If able to avoid their initial wrath, you are probably in the clear, as they don't dwell long on any particular emotion. The strongest emotions they will feel on a regular basis are sexual desires and, when they find it, love.

They are extremely loyal to those they love and care for. They will typically react more strongly if something ever happens to friends and family than if it were to happen to themselves. For example, if a loved one is attacked in some way a pixie will react by avenging the offense very quickly when he or she might otherwise ignore it if it happened to the pixie doing the avenging.

Once they find love, and find their soul mate(s) they will love them fiercely and loyally forever. Pixies are, however, more inclined to be more open in their relationships. They are naturally promiscuous and enjoy freedom and free will and allow their partners to be in multiple relationships, expecting the same allowance. This does not mean that they do not love or care for their lovers. (This may be difficult to understand for some people.) However, pixies are more aware of the fact that we have more than one soul mate and that we are capable of loving more than one person in the same way at the same time so pixies allow for that possibility for their lovers. And as pixies are more aware of the souls' lack of true gender,( and due to high sex drives) they tend to be much more inclined to being bisexual or pansexual. (Humans tend to be the only race of Man that has stigmas against non-heterosexual relationships and most other races don't even have terms for different types of sexuality.)

On a relatively final note on pixies, they quite enjoy the outdoors and nature. They also enjoy technology. They have a tendency, with their high energy levels, to be quite ADHD. It is quite hard to hold their attention if they are even slightly bored and easily distracted. But on the flip side of this, they have a tendency to have some OCD tendencies as well and will focus to a fault on things that maintain their interest. This is where the ideas of dropping rice on the ground will distract them because they will count it (though rice isn't really that interesting for them. It would have to be glittery things.).

So, if you ever find yourself walking around outside and suddenly find yourself horny, you have likely been dusted by a pixie in the vicinity. If you find shiny things missing in your home, a pixie might very well have hidden it, or stolen it. Offerings of candy or shiny things will appease them and help you make friends. Hopefully, as long as you can take their mischief and sexuality, you can make friends with them and have a great ally and friend.

(See Biographies to understand why we know so much about pixies)

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