Greeks had a tendency to call every humanoid being that wasn't a full god a nymph. Nymphs, however, are their own separate race of beings. They are quite similar to Fae in regards to having no wings. They have often been considered to only be female, but they are like any race of beings with males and females. They are very close to nature and are pretty much a race of nature spirits that are often associated with a certain aspect of nature (i.e. trees, forests, streams, etc.).

There are different clans of this race that are focused on certain aspects of nature such as "dryad" tree nymphs and "naiad" water nymphs. Each clan or type tends to have different personality qualities. Dryad males, for example, tend to be very flamboyant. Their elemental association is usually related to the given part of nature they protect or what their family is associated with. Dryads are connected to Earth and Naiads are connected to water.

These are very lithe, willowy people. Nymphs' appearances vary depending on their clan. Nymphs whose primary elements are air and water will likely be pale (but not always), and blond with blue or gray eyes, sometimes more of a golden blonde. Nymphs of earth are usually brunettes with green or brown eyes.

Nymphs tend to be a much calmer race than pixies but perhaps a little more wild (sexuality-wise) than elves. Because how Greek myths show that satyrs will lust after them, they are associated with hypersexuality. Thus the term nymphomania was dubbed after them. The association with hypersexuality is probably due to the Greek's confusion of nymphs with pixies (i.e. Calypso is considered in myth to be a nymph but was actually a pixie). This doesn't mean that nymphs aren't heavily sexual, just less so than pixies. No other race can beat pixies in the hypersexuality area.

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