Now, I'm not referring to the physical race of Homo sapiens here. We all see our physical bodies as human, but the soul and metaphysical body is another matter. When we refer to humans we are referring to the race of Man that was created in the Creators' image, both male and female (though this is true of all the races). These are the souls that are descended from Adam and Eve the first humans.

As many fantasy role-playing games will indicate, humans are capable of immense potential in everything. They can excel in practically any area they set their minds to. Humans are not limited to any element and can manipulate any they learn to use. They are also able to develop many different skills and abilities. Nothing really limits them other than their own susceptibility to negativity and evil as free will gives them choice in following higher or lower purposes. Humans (and part humans) are probably the most common souls you will find in physical bodies. Metaphysically, though, they can be taller than the human body allows, particularly when they incarnate without a physical body. There are different clans of humans as well that have different gifts and talents.

One such sub-race of humans is the Shifters that are discussed in the section about Shapeshifting races. Shifters were humans that were able to develop a shapeshifting ability and were able to pass on that ability to their children.

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