This race is very similar to humans, only much much larger. Not quite mountain sized, but quite a bit larger, height and width-wise, than humans. As humans in the metaphysical plane can often be 7 feet tall (even as females), Giants are even larger. Again, J.K. Rowling's depiction of size with Hagrid and his half-brother Grawp are close, though they are not quite as wide as she depicts them. Personality-wise, I don't think Rowling's depiction is the nicest as they are very kind-hearted and intelligent people. They are very strong and tend to be difficult to kill and injure due to their size and thick skin. They do like to live in more uninhabited areas and mountainous regions. This often allows them to live unseen (whether in the physical or in the metaphysical planes). Germanic areas are often their domains as well. They can be hermits too, tending to live by themselves, though others do choose to live in small groups. They enjoy taking care of larger animal species/races (sentient and otherwise). They are caretakers of the Earth, particularly mountains.

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