This race, often referred to as fairies, is in fact quite different from the modern depiction of fairies. They are not small tiny winged beings like pixies, but taller, wingless beings. They are still of relatively petite beings but sturdier than pixies. They'll have slightly pointed ears, like pixies, but no wings and their aura/energy will be shimmering rather than sparkling. They are not connected to the idea of the Fates, however, like some research and etymology might suggest. They are able to cast illusions and glamours on other people.

Fae are not as mischievous as pixies are. They tend to be more steadfast and reasonable than pixies. Less ADHD but tend to have a more wild side than elves have. They are possibly much more closely linked to the Tuatha Dé Danann in Celtic mythology. They are beings of nature and quite beautiful and youthful. They tend to grow up and mature quicker than pixies but live longer than humans, though perhaps not as long living as elves.

Fae are much more monogamous than pixies. They will court and sleep around a bit more before settling down but once they do, they remain fairly loyal to their mate. Some will be much more promiscuous for a longer period of time before settling, but this is on an individual basis and sometimes associated with their proximity to clans of pixies. They tend to get more possessive and jealous if they are in open relationships, but open relationships are not entirely uncommon for them. (A note here: as mentioned elsewhere, our souls are neither male nor female, so sexuality based on gender preferences is rather erroneous for people to discuss. Most of the other races of Man out there recognize this and have no qualms against it like many humans do. They see it as love in any and all forms and often don't have names for different sexualities.)

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