After the creation of Elementals and angels, the Creator fashioned thirteen races of Mankind that were created to coexist in the Garden of Eden together. They were the joint creations of both Papa (God) and Mother (Goddess). Every race of Mankind has full free will, and when Adam and Eve (Humans) ate from the Tree of Knowledge, all Mankind gained the awareness of their free will to use it as they will and to learn from their mistakes. Mankind chose to leave the Garden of Eden to live an existence and learn and grow as a whole in the Kingdom of Mankind, the Earth (The Kingdom of Mankind also gave them a greater room to roam and increase their populations as the early progenitors of the races were quite prolific).

This is generally referred to as the Fall of Mankind and caused jealousy among some of the angels. Because of the war that was started by Lucifer and his rebel angels, the Kingdoms were separated to protect Mankind from having to face demons and to prevent demons from gaining access to the Tree of Life in Eden. Mankind has thus been mostly separate from the other Kingdoms, except when mortality claims them where they must move in to the afterlife and the Kingdom of the Dead before reincarnating.

Mankind, with a few exceptions, is mostly mortal. At least their metaphysical/physical bodies are mortal. The soul is immortal and persists even after the body ages, fails and dies. Humans, in particular are mortal and have shorter lives, because of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree. Other races are able to live long lives without being subject to death and the cycle of incarnations. This doesn't mean that humans are the only ones that reincarnate, but just that humans must, and other races can often choose to. If they have incarnated in human physical bodies we must die as the body will age and eventually fail and die. The mind also eventually goes which is why dying and reincarnating becomes a necessity. For more on reincarnation, please see those pages.

Because of their free will, all races of Mankind are subject to evil and negative influences, thus some chose (and sometimes still do choose) to side with demons. These, if they do not die and are sent to Hell, become cursed (in a way) and are much different from their original race. If it helps to understand this, think of how J.R.R. Tolkien depicted orcs and Uruk-hai as being corrupted elves. These corrupted beings/groups often become their own races, but since they have shirked their status of being a part of Mankind, they will not be discussed here except in specific cases. The individuals of Mankind that choose evil and are sent to Hell become demons as has been mentioned in their section. These beings will not be mentioned unless we have had contact (good or bad) with them.

The following are the Thirteen Races of Mankind: humans, elves, fae, pixies, nymphs, dwarves, giants, gnomes, merfolk, naga, ogres, satyrs, and Skinwalkers. There are also a few known hybrid sub-races of Mankind included in our Almanac: leprechauns, trolls, goblins, centaurs, and imps. Hybrids are races that are typically half one race and half another (though other hybrid ratios do exist). These sub-races or hybrids came along after the initial creation of the Thirteen Races of Man. Other sub-clans that are not half-breeds or a new species are included within their main race. Peruse all these races at your leisure.

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