Humans are not the only race of beings that the Creators made in this universe. For one, there are many species of animals and plants that live on this planet with us. For another, there are many other sentient beings that exist in our world that we cannot see with our normal physical vision. Some of these beings are humanoid, like us, while others are more animal-like. For instance, many of the mythical creatures we hear about in fairy tales are actually living beings that exist in the metaphysical plane or other planes of existence. Once, all these beings had physical bodies like we do in our physical world, but eventually they lost their bodies and only the Human race became physically present in this world. This does not mean these races do not exist in our physical world. Some have chosen to take on human physical form to live out their incarnations while their soul energy remains that of their true race. Eventually, with the Enlightenment and the coming together of the Kingdoms, these races without bodies will start to take on physical form again to live amongst us.

A note before continuing to discuss specific races: we have divided this almanac into three main sections; a section for supernaturals, a section for Mankind, and a section for other sentient races. What we mean by supernatural races are the races of beings that were created to be more powerful and typically made up of pure energy. These races include angels, demons, Elementals, vampyres, and Legion Wolves. When we use the term Man or Mankind, we are referring to the thirteen races of humans, elves, pixies, fae, satyrs, naga, mermaids, giants, ogres, gnomes, nymphs, dwarves, and skinwalkers. Minor races of Man are found in their own drop down menu off to the side, but they are still a part of Mankind. Other sentient races include a much larger range of beings that are more animal-like and have their own section.

As Legion Wolves and Skinwalkers are shapeshifters we actually include them in a separate drop down menu since there similarities among shapeshifting races. This is so we are not overly repeating ourselves when it comes to discussing these races and how they function. Legion Wolves and Cursed Wolves are technically supernatural beings while Skinwalkers and Shifters are still a part of Mankind.

This following list is by no means complete, but it is a compilation of the races we have come across. This is also a list that is meant to correct some of the misconceptions about these races that folklore and demonization has created. We want to make sure people truly understand and know what these races are instead of letting the misinformation to continue to circulate. Some of these races we don't know much about, but others, like vampyres, we do and will not be contested on. As we come across more races, information may expand and change as we learn about them and meet them.

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