Our Motto. Make the Path. Seek the Truth. Share the Knowledge.

Every person is in charge of his or her own destiny and fate. The Creator gave us free will for a reason: to make our own paths in life. The Terminator quote "No fate but what we make" is appropriate here. We have every choice in this world to do good, or evil, and we can only blame ourselves when we stray from our true paths. The Creator does have plans for us, and a purpose, but part of that plan is for us to use our free will and to find our own paths in life and meet that purpose on our own terms. "Two roads diverged in a wood." The Creator doesn't want us to take the well-traveled road, nor the less traveled. We are meant to make our own. Often those paths parallel another's, but they are never the exact same if you are truly on the right path for yourself in this life.

Part of making the path is looking for what is true for you. Perhaps living a Christian or Catholic life as you were raised feels true to you. You have no questions about the doctrine. Or perhaps you find that you do have questions. You start to look for answers to those questions. You look for something more, something far closer to what you feel is truth. No one can tell you what the truth is for you. There are universal truths, yes. And quite a few we acknowledge. But there are many, beyond our current ideas that are difficult to understand and even realize yet. Our experiences help shine light on the truths of our lives. It is each individual's job to find those truths and hope that others are doing the same.

Obviously, the biggest thing we are about is sharing our knowledge and experiences. Perhaps even what could be considered wisdom. We don't want to shove our ideas down people's throats, though. Some people are ready and some are not quite ready for everything. But we want to put out this information we have so that, as people are ready, they will find and share it. Knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss. Keeping knowledge to oneself is more than just selfish, it is fairly criminal. It keeps others in ignorance putting them in danger and lying to them. And that is something we don't want to do. We want to share this and hope others share it as well. One thing you often find when you do share is that others have similar experiences. We are not alone. Take the truths you learn and share them with others.

Making the path, seeking truth, and sharing knowledge all help lead to personal enlightenment and the Enlightenment of this world. When you live the life you are meant to, taking responsibility for your life and living by your beliefs and truths you've sought and shared, you come closer to the Creator. You open up to the Divine Truth of the world and are able to help others with your wisdom and understanding. You reach Enlightenment.

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