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To make our site complete, we felt we needed to create a logo design. It needed to be something relatively simple, but also deep in meaning. What we came up with is something we feel represents a lot of our beliefs and values. We'll break down each part of the symbol so that you might understand it as we do.

First of all, our logo is made up of only two shapes: circles and triangles. Aside from the shapes' symbolic meaning, which I'll get into momentarily, the arrangement and number of these shapes also add to the meaning of our logo. A circle represents wholeness, unity, cycles, wombs, infinity, and completion, among many other things. A triangle symbolizes a trinity of any kind, creativity, ascension, gender, illumination, harmony. While a circle always looks the same no matter the orientation on a page, a triangle's meaning will change slightly if it is inverted or not. With the point up, an upright triangle is representative of phallic/masculine and solar qualities, while a triangle with the point down (inverted) represents feminine and lunar qualities. We can go further here to say that upright triangle without a line through it is symbolic of the element fire and with a line, the element air. An inverted triangle without a line is representative of the element water and with a line, the element earth.

Now for the positioning of our shapes. We have three circles in our logo to represent the three worlds or Kingdoms of God, Mankind, and the Dead. Two of the circles are evocative the symbol eight (8), which is similar to the infinity symbols. Eight represents completions and wholeness much like a circle. With the third overlapping circle we see this as an additional connection between the worlds and the ideas of balance between the two other circles. These three circles could represent the past, present, and future or any other trinity (much like the triangle).

Within the circles we have put two triangles touching at their points, giving us a masculine and feminine symbol. For us, we wanted to express our belief in balance between these two types of ideas within everyone's and our own lives. We also see it as representing the balance between the God and Goddess. With the lines going through we also bring in the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The two triangles point to point also appears to look like an hourglass. Hourglasses keep track of the passing of time so this could also symbolize the element of time and space. Hourglasses also resemble an eight and infinity symbol, yet again.

One final note on our logo in regards to numbers. We have three circles and two triangles, each with three sides. Added together this ends up being nine total. And we also have the hourglass form that represents the number eight. To begin, two is symbolic of a union or coupling of any kind. It is a number of partnerships and harmony. The number three deals with trinities, magic, past, present and future, and creativity. The number eight represents success, wealth, continuation, repetition, and cycles along with completions. And finally, the number nine symbolizes attainment, accomplishment, intellectual power as well as being three threes combined, empowering the meaning of three more.

Hopefully this explains well enough what our logo means and represents. If you have questions we can answer them and clarify the meaning on our logo further.

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