Note: This page has been written mostly by Stephanie. Z is metaphysical/incorporeal and we do not do full-out channeling. We have done a little bit of automatic writing to help bring out his personality out more for this, thus it is written in first person.

About Me

  • My given name is Azrael, but I go by Z. Stephanie, in her life during the War on Earth, had given me the nickname Z and I have since always gone by it.
  • I was the first Angel of Death. This means that I am half-angel, half-demon as God created me to be. I am mostly retired from those duties now, and do not actively escort souls of the recently deceased into the afterlife. But, when I am needed or called for such things, I will often aide Zekiel.
  • I have been around since well before the Fall of Lucifer and the Fall of Man. I have no physical form in this world, but exist in the realm of spirit, the metaphysical.
  • You could consider me an Archangel, but the hierarchy is sometimes arbitrary and there is much crossover between the choirs. Some have seen me as just the demon Z as that was the only side of me they chose to see. Others see me as the Archangel Azrael.
  • I am the oldest of four siblings. My two brothers fell and became demons during Lucifer's Fall and my sister fell later to become human. I am the only one which remains in the Kingdom of God.
  • Not much fazes me. I could even rival elves in being a Zen master. I am, however, very protective of this coven's members.

My Role

I was once in charge of escorting the souls of the recently departed to their afterlife based on God's and the angels of judgments' ruling. I was also responsible for terminating large populations of demons in one area (something angels of death can do). But as this job comes with its own amounts of stress, I have been retired for some time and others have been in charge of these duties (currently Zekiel). The lead Angel of Death frequently passes from one angel to the next over the years.

In regards to this coven, I serve as an advisor, friend, protector, and trainer. I help, along with Isaac, to give this coven direction and training that they need to be successful and to help others out there.

I have other duties outside of this coven that involve the Council up in Heaven. My duties there cannot really be discussed here, however.

Contact Me

You may contact me with any questions that you have for me. If you need more immediate help, please call upon me, like you would any other angel or archangel. While I may be inactive and retired as an Angel of Death, I am always available to help for anything you may need. You may email me and, while my coven members do not actively channel, they can deliver any answers I may have for you.

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