I was raised Catholic and even during my time in college, when I was awakening to a lot of the information we are sharing on this site, I was confirmed in the Catholic faith. However, I guess I don't really consider myself a Catholic anymore. So much has happened since my freshman year at college that the Catholic faith does not accept or acknowledge as a part of their doctrine. My confirmation in the Catholic faith was more about accepting God back into my life. In high school, I went through a period where I didn't know what I believed anymore. Today, I prefer to consider myself spiritual rather than any particular religion.

College was where I met my roommate and several friends that both opened me up to my spiritual faith again but also the experiences and knowledge I am sharing on this website. I was a skeptic that first year at college and I didn't know what I believed, so when my roommate (though just a friend at the time) told me she could feel dead people and the energy of other people around her, that she was clairsentient. I didn't quite know what to think. But over time, alongside her, I could not reason away what I was experiencing. We came under attack of demons and dealt with the dead. And though I couldn't feel it myself, I knew somehow that it was happening. And it scared me, particularly when dealing with demons.

But I never ran away from it, seeking consolation and guidance from my best friend (Ashley) from home. I stayed there, beside my roommate, to help her deal with what she seemed to be meant to be doing. Each year brought us new issues that we had to deal with. And we learned to deal with many things, particularly demons.

Then my roommate and I met someone else at college with us who seemed to be aware of a lot more than what we were. She opened us up to the idea that there was a lot more happening than what we realized. She was the first to tell us, from a friend of hers, that there was an Enlightenment coming. And though I already believed in past lives, she confirmed for me the idea of reincarnation and a strange, new idea that past lives could be separate personalities.

With her and several other friends that knew about my roommate's gift, we formed a coven and my senior year was spent in a trial run for the Enlightenment. Though senior year proved to be a huge trial for all of us, where we lost many good friends from questionable loyalties and demonic influences, it taught us all a great deal that I am sharing here one this website with you.

Eventually, I had to part ways with my roommate and the remaining members of the coven. We all lost a great deal, self-esteem and trust in each other, from the tragic events that had happened our senior year. We no longer saw eye-to-eye on our purpose for this Enlightenment. But because of that split, my fellow coven members and I have gained a new sense of purpose and self-confidence that we never had before.

My soul is half-pixie and half-human. I was there during the War on Earth and I have lived probably a couple hundred lifetimes (exact number unsure). My natural element is Electricity and I have been called Sparky, Pixie/Pixie-Face, Chief Spark, and other names by angels and other friends on the metaphysical planes. Here you may call me Stephanie. My key natural ability, that I am still working on developing, is Truth Reading.

If you are interested in any other facts about me or anything about my journey, please feel free to send me an e-mail or check out my blog. I am a fan of self-disclosure. Also I majored in Creative-Writing and Psychology in college, so trust me when I say I'm not crazy. I check myself quite often up against DSM-IV diagnoses. My beliefs have not gotten in the way of functioning as a normal person in society (which is a key factor in diagnosing someone with any psychological disorder). The Creative-Writing comes into play with the fact that I am the main writer of the information in this website.

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