Note: Like Z's page, this page is mostly written by Stephanie. Noah is also metaphysical/incorporeal and has no physical body of his own to write up this page himself. And though we don't do full-body channeling we have done automatic writing to get his personality across to you.

Basic Information

  • I've gone by many names in many lives, but here I will be called Noah (picked out by Stephanie).
  • My soul (and metaphysical body) is half-pixie, half-fae in equal proportion (metaphysical genetics works in weird ways so, I suppose it's usually rare to be 50/50 exactly of anything). This makes me absolutely epic! While I maintain that the reason I have no wings is because I am a guy, I am told that it's actually because the fae in me actually overrides the wing thing pixies have. But I'm a great at using various forms of pixie dust (Stephanie can attest).
  • I have been around as long as Stephanie, Ashley, and Heather during the War on Earth.
  • I am actually a past life, like Isaac, and I woke up quite a few years ago, actually before Stephanie and them started learning about all this stuff. My current is out there somewhere, but uninvolved in all this and generally unimportant. My first life was actually during the above mentioned War on Earth.
  • Michelle is actually my half-sister on a soul level.
  • Z doesn't like me very much. Well, he likes me better than other people who have actually hurt Stephanie and the rest of the coven.
  • I am one of Stephanie's soulmates, as much as she likes to ignore me.
  • I have been capable of persuasion abilities in certain lives, and I have been put to work honing my Jedi mind tricks. I am also way too cool to manifest any specific element power, but I can absorb Stephanie's kinky electricity.
  • I am also a talented singer/songwriter.

My Story

I'll give some background from my life during the War on Earth here. My parents were a pixie and fae that got together because of their higher sex drives and commitment issues. They didn't think they could have children, but surprise! One adorable half-pixie, half-fae child later and I was bounced around from one foster family to another. I ran away and took to thieving until I saw Fadia's army marching through the city I was working. I saw a sprightly half-pixie girl and volunteered for the army that moment. I eventually settled into the assassins group of Fadia's army, while I worked on winning the pixie girl's heart. Sometime after Fadia's death, I married the girl and we had four children together. We lived a long happy life and died together in our sleep in each other's arms. I have been with her in many lifetimes ever since. By the way, she's Stephanie.

I woke up in this life in around 2002, or something like that. I don't keep track of those things. I have been waiting around until Stephanie was ready to meet me and what not. I am here now to help her and the rest of the coven. They'll tell you I'm mostly here for comic relief. But, I'm also here to help be a spiritual ground for Stephanie, as much as I can without my current being here and without my own body.

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