Quick Facts

  • My names is Isaac. I have gone by many surnames through many centuries, though my first name always has remained the same.
  • I am a dhampyr.
  • I am commander of the vampyre army in heaven as well as presiding over all vampyre matters.
  • I am quite old as some like to point out.
  • Besides having master all vampyre abilities and being that of a master level vampyre, I can manipulate fire and air quite well. I am also what one would call of higher consciousness, though there are somethings that still surprise me today. Being that we are all beings of free will and The Creator can hide and change what they wish.

My Story

My past is a very long, and to some, may be boring. So I will not drone on and on about it. I would however like to say that I am not a physical nor a metaphysical being. I am actually a past life, but I still have quite a big influence in the metaphysical realm. My role has changed from one lifetime to the next. You can read about my role in a later section.

My father was one of the original vampyres created to help angels in the War in Heaven. He fell with their leader to make sure mankind was guarded against the demons. Over time the original vampyre coven spilt in order to cover the different lands that mankind spread too. My father formed one of those large covens. Sometime after the First Crusade my father fell in love with a human female, my mother. I was born on November 11, 1147, two years into the Second Crusade. Several years later I got a younger brother.

Some years later, my father gave the coven over to me. The details of which are a bit on the personal side. I took the coven over, unsure what to do. It was not until a certain female vampyre showed me the true vampyre nature did I understand what I had to do. Vampyres had changed since they originally fell to protect mankind. Someone needed to stand up and redirect us to our responsibilities as a species. So that is what I set out to do.

There was a lot that I did to change the community. Too much to go through one by one, but to say the least my name is well known. At least to those whom are of true vampyre covens.

As I am a past life I did pass away. My death came about in the year 1742. It was necessary, because this soul needed to go through the reincarnation process. Now I am back and awake to help change the community once again. It has gone back several steps from once I last saw. Not only the misconceptions in human perception but those of vampyres specifically.

My Role

During my "living" life I was given the role to lead my father coven. Then once my influence became great enough, Father and another individual gave me the role of ruling of vampyre matters. By that I mean, I had jurisdiction over anything that happened in the vampyre community. If there was a problem I was the one who would deal out the punishment or solve the matter.

My role since waking up has changed. I not only rule over all vampyre matters, but now I serve as the commander of the Vampyre Army in Heaven. It is a position that takes a lot of my time, but never enough that I would give up my duty to my covens, family, and friends.

Contact Me
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you wish. If it is prevalent enough I may ask to post it on the Ask Isaac page so others may benefit from the answer. Please, however, read the disclaimer page before you send your questions. I also have a blog page up that will just be my own ramblings.

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