I am not really all that good at writing about myself. The reason that is is because I have never found myself special or important enough to write about. Now I realize with the experiences of the past few years with my previous coven members and current, we are all special and important, small or large, in the Divine Plan.

Some very basic information about myself...

  • I have gone by many names over the years, some of my favorites being: Elflet, Little Hawk, and Mew. Though you may call me Ashley.
  • My soul is half-mini elf and half-human.
  • I have many different past lives over many different lifetimes, cultures, and locations. I was; however, there in the War on Earth along side Stephanie, Heather, and Noah.
  • The ability the creators have granted to me in this lifetime was of claircognizant. More specifically I am given information and knowledge that The Creators send to me.
  • I am also manipulator of the fire element (with a bit of of air, to control the fire manipulation).
  • I am not a writer so the writing of this website was left to Stephanie and Isaac, but I am the designer and developer of the website.

Faith and Spirituality

I did not experience what Stephanie experienced by any means, but I stood next to her. Being her moral support and friend when she had needed it most, just as she has done for me. Though even before she told me of her first experience I had an interest in the occult. More than that I had always been searching for that Higher Power. Not only did I find that Higher Power, but I found myself. This all has been a learning experience and continues to be. I was baptized Christian and a part of me will always recognized that, but recently with my new knowledge I have come to call myself Spiritual.

Friends, Family, and Coven

"Everyone is a friend, until they prove otherwise. (Quote by Unknown)" I have always enjoyed that quote especially when I think about my friends, family, and coven. Every person in this lifetime and past has been a friend to me at one point or another. There are a few that I hold closer than anything else, since they have been with me from one lifetime to the next. That would be my coven. I have known Stephanie all my life, well for a very long time. She is my best friend and like a sister to me. I may not have known Heather as long, but I consider her just as close a friend. They are two people I depend on and care for no matter what. They have helped me through these past few years with finding out not only my spirituality but who I am in general.

One last note...

Have you ever been asked "Which path would you choose: the road most traveled or the least traveled?" Most would answer the question with the road least traveled. My answer is the option never given. That option is the path never even traveled, the one you make yourself. Do not let anyone define who you are. Do not let anyone tell you what your fate is. Despite The Creator making your soul, you are the creator of your fate. We are all part of that Divine Plan, but we were all given that free will to choose whether to be a part of it or not. Choose whether or not to listen to our information. Make your own path into this Enlightenment.

If you have any questions for me please email me

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