Coven of Enlightenment

We are a group of individuals who have experienced a great many things beyond typical human experiences and senses. We chose this name for our group because we believe in an Enlightenment that is coming that is meant to open up and prepare this world and the people in it to the truth of this universe. We also believe in disseminating this knowledge to the world for those that are ready for it and aid in the Enlightenment that is to come. We by no means claim to be fully enlightened ourselves, but we have been opened up to experiences that give us a foot up on the ladder, so to speak. We are continuing to take steps to increase our potentials for higher consciousness and enlightenment by sharing our knowledge. And we are here to help you do the same.

We chose "coven" because that is what we are and what we do. Coven comes from the word covenire, which means "to gather together." We are group of individuals who gather together sharing information, discussing our beliefs and theories, and developing spiritually in various ways. We are a group who wants to help the world accept the truths of this world we have become privy too. Coven has also been associated with other groups, much like our own, who have been working for the same ends. Throughout time, these covens have existed to help teach Mankind the truths of the world as they become ready. Now, more than ever, these covens are waking up to this knowledge to share their experiences and knowledge, and to share the truths with the world around them to help facilitate the Enlightenment that is about to happen.

Most will assume, and most modern definitions will say, that coven is a gathering of witches. Perhaps we are and perhaps we aren't. (Coven is also used when referring to groups and clans of vampyres.) Witches and shamans are, in many ways, the spiritual teachers and the healers and the seekers of truth in this world. We generally prefer to call ourselves spiritual rather than any denominational or religious title. We believe that all religions express some aspects or parts of the full Truth and we also feel that most all religions are worshipping and honoring the same Creator, just calling it by different names. We are here to teach and share our knowledge, so yes, some might call us witches. If you are uncomfortable with that, so be it. But we are more than labels like that and those labels shouldn't stop you from reading and taking from these pages what you will regardless of whether you are Catholic, Wiccan, Protestant, Spiritual, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

We have always been the Coven of Enlightenment. At one point in time we had been merged with another coven, much similar to our own, with similar beliefs. We had started out as a part of their coven, learning and experiencing things about this world that we never thought we would. We did not recognize that we were in fact a separate coven with slightly differing purposes until after we parted ways. Since then, we have found our true path and wish to share our experiences with the world and other covens and prepare for the coming Enlightenment. We not only want to teach the general population, but also make connections to other covens (whether that is what you call yourself or not) with similar purposes for this Enlightenment. There are other covens out there, some further ahead or more behind than we are. But part of our purpose is to make contacts with those covens to share our experiences and help the world prepare for the Enlightenment together.

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