Shielding is a very useful ability that everyone should learn to develop. Not only might we come across negative and malicious entities like demons, but we are often faced with general negative and harmful energy from the people around us. Shields also help prevent psychic vampyres and energy leeches from leeching energy off of us. It becomes imperative that we know how to protect ourselves defensively from all forms of harm. (Sometimes shields can even be offensive with the proper visualization.)

I'd also like to mention here that there are two types of shields that will be discussed here. The first shield is the kind most people will refer to or think of when talking about shielding, which is a barrier of protection. The second Shield (which will be distinguished by a capital letter) is actually a type of person and will be discussed at the end of this section.

Barriers of Protection

The first shields can be useful in keeping you invisible from the sight of others or they can help block negative or harmful energy. Some shields can even help in healing if colors are used. Shields can be selective where only certain energies or beings can cross the barrier, while others do not discriminate between friend or foe. Some shields are placed on yourself while other shields you can place on other people or around places or objects.

While not strictly associated with any chakra, I sometimes see shielding as being connected to our 3rd Solar Plexus chakra. This is the chakra of our personal will and as such, can be linked to our sense of separation from others and the barrier that separation is represented by. Thus, you can imagine your shields emitting from this chakra. Another association is just seeing shields as just an extension of your aura and a "solidifying" of the aura's outer edge. Use whichever analogy works for you.

Now, like we've said before, no one is the exact same and certain shielding styles work differently for different people. The best shields and techniques are the ones you develop yourself. This doesn't mean that other's suggestions and techniques won't work for you. We just want you to understand that you shouldn't only use what someone else gives you and you should learn to come up with something on your own. Those of us in this coven have all started out using some of these basic techniques, but have grown enough and developed our own styles adapting what we learn as we go.

However, we aren't going to leave you completely blind when it comes to shielding. Here are a few starter shielding visualizations that will help you start out if you are new to shielding. Over time you need to learn and find more specific visualizations that will work best for you.

White Light (or Golden-White Light) – This is the most basic shield technique and the easiest for anyone to master. For beginners, it is the best place to begin as it is quick and simple to visualize. Just imagine yourself surrounded and bathed in a puddle of white-light or golden-colored light. These two colors are associated with purity and the Divine and will help repel negativity and evil entities. It is as simple as believing it will protect you from all harm. Saying a phrase of your intention that it will protect you will actively charge or activate the shield to help protect you better.

From here you can use different colors for your shield for different purposes. Greens and blues work well for healing and calming. Research some on colors and figure out what colors work best for you and you can use them for shielding.

Other visualization you can try are brick walls, firewalls, mirrors (which can work for repelling back energy at senders, though some stress the poor ethics in this), suits-of-armor, using your element in some way, etc. Try variations on these and come up with ones of your own. Again, the best shield for you is the one you come up with on your own. Practice different ones for different purposes until you find the shields that work best for you.

Visualization and intention are keys to shielding and other abilities. As long as you put the proper intention in to your shield and visualize it the way you desire and works best for you, your shields will work. Another key to remember, particularly when putting up more permanent barriers and shields around homes and objects (these are often called wards), you must push your energy into those barriers to keep it more permanent. They will not stay up indefinitely and will periodically need to be redone or reinforced every so often. Always trust and believe your shield or wards will protect you or your home and they will never fail you.

The Human Shield

Some people are natural shielders or what we call Shields (with the capital again to distinguish). They can create shields with ease and little concentrated effort for both themselves and others. It is often unconscious, but awareness of it is quite helpful and increases the strength of this natural ability. These Shields naturally know when and how to put up extremely protective shields that can be very difficult to break. Other people are skilled at tearing down shields. They can find the chinks and cracks and weaknesses in a shield and break it down with a simple snap of the finger.

This is a very important ability for everyone to develop for themselves. While some people claim nothing in the spiritual can harm you or that demons don't exist, this is not true. Being able to protect yourself with shields will keep you safe. While you develop your other gifts you should make sure you take time to practice shielding.

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