Meduim, Channel, and Channeler

These three types of people are similar in their purpose, but different in the techniques used. Mediums, Channelers and Channels are individuals who allow for the communication between the spirit world and the physical world to take place. The first type, mediumship, relays messages they get from people without bodies from the spiritual/metaphysical world back to people in the physical world, whereas the other type, channeling, allow foreign beings (or the souls of individuals without physical bodies) to take over the body and communicate directly through it to people in the physical world. There are varying degrees of channeling that can mean receiving and using information in some way that will also be discussed later in this section.

All forms of mediumship and channeling typically employ the throat chakra of communication. This allows for the hearing, delivering, and understanding of messages. The throat chakra is also key in channeling as those without a properly open or active throat chakra cannot channel or deliver messages accurately or truly. Other chakras are often used by mediums and channelers as being able to open and close various ones will help in channeling individuals and delivering their messages.

The Medium

A Medium usually is usually a clairaudient or clairvoyant, but is sometimes even claircognizant. They receive messages in some way, like hearing the voices of angels or the dead or other non-physical beings, then they relate those messages to someone else that the message is meant for. This is probably the safest form of spirit communication with the metaphysical world, though maybe not always the most accurate (Think of the telephone game where by the time the message gets passed around to each person and back around, it has changed.).

When you spend time practicing this form of communication the likelihood of error will diminish over time, if not gone completely. Recording messages you get in a journal or tape recordings is a good way to begin. Other ways of receiving information can be through Tarot or runes, scrying, automatic writing, etc. It all depends on where your gifts lie. If you receive symbols in a clairvoyant means, you must work on developing a system for interpreting those symbols in your own way. Certain symbols can mean very different things to different mediums. Develop your own system.

Some people call themselves psychic-mediums. This is because they use a Clair ability and sometimes other tools, like Tarot, to deliver messages from Spirit. Others simply call themselves mediums. Others may prefer being called just psychic. If you go to receive messages from Spirit from someone and are unsure of how they call themselves, just ask. You can also ask them the difference, if they see any, between the types. In many ways, I don't see much difference between psychic, medium, or psychic-mediums other than the way they communicate with the Otherside and the way they deliver their messages.

The Channeler

A Channeler (and Channel) is someone who is able to step back from their conscious body and back in to their head and allow another soul to take over. Channelers are able to channel anyone without much discrimination. Any entity, dead or simply non-physical, can find a Channeler to be channeled and to speak through. If a Channeler is not able to identify who they are letting take over, they may very well become the victim of demons or other negative entities. But if you are able to develop some clairsentience or other Clair ability you will be at an advantage of recognizing who and what you are about to channel. You have every right to block and shield against people you don't want to channel and you can always say no. You have complete sovereignty over your body.

The Channel

The difference between a Channeler and a Channel can be subtle, but well worth mentioning. I see two main differences that can at times be mutually exclusive. One way is that a Channel often works with only one entity to the exclusion of all others whereas a Channeler often works with many entities. Examples of this would be someone who only channels one Archangel only or a specific ascended master. The other difference is that the Channel generally exists at a specific frequency that attracts only those entities on that frequency to be channeled. An example of this would be when the person's channeling exists at a frequency that matches a whole group of Archangels and the person will channel any one of those angels.

The reason I say these two differences are sometimes mutually exclusive is because sometimes Channelers may only focus on one entity and one entity only to channel but still be very well capable of channeling many others that exist at different auric frequencies. For example, just because a Channeler only works with one angel, doesn't mean that they might not be tricked from time to time into channeling a demon or someone claiming to be that same angel.

In many ways, I see the Channel as a more developed form of the Channeler in which they have tuned their auras enough to be able to exist for channeling at a certain frequency to protect themselves from channeling the wrong entities. This often involves raising your energy frequencies to match a specific group of entities or else just to be at a different level to protect oneself from channeling indiscriminately. But this doesn't completely ensure against all unwanted entities as they can search out your frequency and lie about who they are to be channeled. And just because you may develop into a Channel, doesn't mean you will always stay a Channel, particularly if you stop using discrimination by being too self-assured or stop choosing when and when not to channel.

A good analogy that works to describe the difference between a Channeler and a Channel is dials on a TV where the Channel is set to only a certain channel and the entity must tune in to be channeled and the Channeler works on all stations.

"You Are Meant to Be My Channel(er)"

There is often an assumption that a Channel (and even a Channeler) is meant to channel for a reason and are even meant to serve certain people. There is a risk of addiction, by the Channel(er) and the person or people being channeled for, when this assumption is made. Individuals who do not have a body and are being channeled also enjoy being in a body and speaking and interacting directly with those in the physical plane and they also tend to sometimes take advantage. A Channel, Channeler and even a Medium need to learn when to say no to those there to give messages and those there to receive them. Being able to say no helps prevent the people from getting addicted to either the power they wield as a channeler or fact that they can speak to loved ones who have passed or do not have a body. You must learn to set limits for yourself on when and how often you channel or deliver messages or else you run the risk of being taken advantage of.

As mentioned before, it is extremely dangerous for a Clairempath to be a Channel or a Channeler. When you feel the emotions of others, you are vulnerable to feeling the desires of the ones you channel and the happiness and joy of those who are around you when you channel. When you experience the good emotions and desires of others, you can get addicted and desire to please them all the time. You begin to lose yourself in the need to please and you begin to confuse your emotions too much with the emotions of the ones you channel.

Of these three types, mediumship is probably the safest and best method to use. Too many can become power-hungry or addicted to channeling. Mediums relay messages and do not give up control of their body to another (trusted or not) entity. Mediums should still be careful of making sure the people they are giving messages to aren't dependent on them. Using discernment and discrimination are key skills to develop while learning to be a medium, or channeler.

The Importance of a Soulmate for Mediums and Channelers

The best Mediums and Channelers are those who have their soulmate present physically in their life. As mentioned in the section about grounding, soulmates help balance you out and keep you sane. When you channel or receive information in any way, it helps to have your ground present to keep you focused on your physical body and reality. Grounds help bring you back to your body and help keep you from getting addicted to giving up control to another being. Sometimes this may cause jealousy from the ground or the Channeler, but it keeps you grounded in the reality of the situation. It is better for that jealousy to be present to keep you focused on maintaining control of your body than for it to be missing allowing the Channeler to assume it is okay to give up full control of the body.

Being a Medium or Channeler

If you find that your call is to relay information you receive form the spiritual planes, feel free to share that information. That is what we are doing. Just be careful in the way you do it. Learn to say no to people requesting to receive information or physical time with a loved one or friend that has no body. Be wary of the people you might channel as you may from time to time be tricked by negative entities. If you do choose to channel, make sure you know how to properly shield and ground yourself before, during, and after to ensure that you are not drained or negatively affected in any way during the process.

Taking your development of channeling slowly is highly recommended. If you start channeling too quickly you may create tears in your aura and personal boundaries and shields that will be detrimental to your emotional, mental, and psychological health. Those who have gone into things too quickly tend to have more issues with families and friends and in their public and personal lives than those who don't channel.

And remember, you are always in charge of your own body and you can send entities away from you. But the longer you let others control your body, the more your body begins to attune to that entity and you begin to lose your grasp of your own body. Keep your channeling sessions short and no more than twice a week if you do so professionally, even less often if you are not a trained professional (there are proper training courses out there). This ensures that you never lose control of or your connection to your body and it helps keep you sane. It also cuts back on the potential of addiction and abuse.

Note: You may notice our coven has no Channelers in our midst. We have seen issues first hand of what can happen with Channelers and we prefer not to put any of ourselves through that. We personally feel that your body is your own and you should not let others share or control it for any length of time. The only exceptions to this is when the other soul is someone you are bound or connected with. We don't mean to say that it is bad for you to be a Channeler, we just wouldn't recommend you trying to learn it for the sake of learning it. And we certainly will not envy you that gift. We do, however, respect Mediums and their ability to relay information. Each of us, in our own ways, is a medium for the information from the metaphysical and spiritual planes. We are here sharing our knowledge and the messages and information we have received.

Channeling in General

Before we leave this section on channeling, I wanted to add a few things about different types or degrees of channeling. These are trance channeling, conscious channeling, partial channeling, and inspirational channeling.

Many refer to channeling as trance channeling where they use a colored light (usually red) to induce a hypnotic state where they go completely unconscious, thus going into a trance. Then an entity will take over the person's body. The individual doing the trance channeling will usually not recall the session at all when it is over, though in some cases they do remember. In our experience, while this has been the case from time to time of the channeler losing consciousness while channeling, the losing consciousness part isn't necessary and only happens when the entity is a very powerful being (like a seraphim).

There is no reason, in my opinion, for a channeler to completely zone out while channeling. While the message may be more important to the one receiving it, the one doing the channeling can also learn from the message and should be present to control the situation if something gets out of hand. This is why I prefer conscious channeling methods better. Some may believe the channeler's consciousness and ego interferes too much with the message of the foreign consciousness. However, I think this outweighs the risks of being completely unconscious during the process.

(Note: After sitting in on a trance channeling session, it has actually changed my opinion about channeling in general and that in some cases it works out quite well for both channeler and channeled). The channel only worked with one entity, a priest from the 1400s. The two of them likely agreed before this lifetime to work together in such a way to develop as spiritual beings. While at times the channel could not remember the sessions there were other times he did. Regardless, he always recorded the sessions to replay later or share with others. The priest during the session explained that the two of them were attracted to each other because of similarities in their aura and in their soul needs. Like attracts like. If at any time the channel pursued something that was against the priest's moral convictions or caused the channel's aura to shift frequencies too much, he said he would leave.)

Conscious channeling is where you do not go into an unconscious or trance state to allow another entity to take over. You step back, as it were, into your head to monitor and observe the channeling session. You are capable of stopping the process at any moment and are aware of everything being said. Generally you'll feel as if your body is not your own and may feel like you are looking through a tunnel at things that are happening around you, while the other entity is being channeled. When the channeling is over, you remember what was said during the session to be able to discuss it further with whoever you channeled for.

Again, I prefer this over trance channeling because you maintain consciousness during the session to end it when you choose. You maintain control of how long the session lasts. While another entity is in control of your body and voice, you are there to monitor and say when it is over. I feel you should always maintain some degree conscious control of your channeling sessions to monitor and learn from the messages yourself and to keep awareness of your body.

Partial channeling is where the channeler only allows certain parts of their body to be controlled by another entity. Usually this entails just the mouth and vocal cords, but could also be the facial muscles or hands. I have heard someone who used this technique often call it "sharing skin" because she would allow the person she was channeling to be out simultaneously as she was doing her thing. While this keeps the channeler in more control over her body, it does run the risk of the person failing, over time, to distinguish the difference between herself and the other entity borrowing part of the body. Clairempaths in particular should not use this technique of channeling.

The last form of channeling, inspirational channeling, is the least dangerous form of channeling that I know of. Rather than allowing any entity from taking control of the body, one is able to channel the information fluidly, in an inspired mode. This often will take the form of automatic writing. Mediums might often be doing this form of channeling as it will come through our Clair abilities, like clairaudience to be delivered as correctly and accurately as possible. Actors and actresses can be said to channel their characters through inspirational channeling. If we stop and analyze the messages and things we are writing or saying in a state of inspirational channeling, we will lose the true message we are getting. Try not to analyze while channeling the information. Save the analysis until after you finish getting it and then you can decide if it is worthwhile and correct for you. For more on automatic writing, please go here.

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