While not entirely a defensive or offensive ability, healing is an important skill to learn, or to develop further, even if it is not a natural gift for you. Some people are naturally gifted with healing abilities. They are meant to be healers in some form or the other. For others, it is just important to know how to heal yourself (emotionally, mentally, physically and metaphysically) when you can't get to a healer.

Healing, generally, is centered on the hand chakras. Without active hand chakras, healing can often be difficult to do, especially if you use any hands-on techniques. Clairsentience and the sacral chakra are also helpful in feeling where energy imbalances and other metaphysical health issues are located. Developing other Clair abilities can help you develop different means of diagnosing and healing. Visualization is another skill that needs to be developed for effective healing to be done. Use and listen to your intuition.

There are several forms of healing: physical, metaphysical, emotional, mental/psychological, spiritual, and energy/aura healing. Physical healing is usually found in the physical realm only and your medical physicians would usually be pros at this. While some are meant to be physical healers and it is their gift, we won't focus on that kind of healing here. None of us are in the medical field and do not have the knowledge of this field of healing to share with you. If you have health issues that manifest in your physical life, please seek out your medical physician.

Metaphysical, emotional, mental/psychological, spiritual and energy healing is often done on the metaphysical and spiritual levels. Personal energy is used at these levels to make healing possible. Each individual has a different element and style just as certain races also have a certain healing styles. Usually, healing on this level works with the natural element you are gifted in. For example, elves and others that use Fire will use that fire energy to burn through metaphysical injuries and impurities and cauterize wounds. No one elemental style is better than the others. Everyone has different needs and styles. One element healing style may heal you better than another just as you may be better at using one element for healing than the others. Use your intuition to figure out what your healing element and style is.

Metaphysical healing is the healing done to the metaphysical body. Issues to your physical body can sometimes show up on your metaphysical body and sometimes metaphysical injuries will come through in your physical body with no apparent cause. In this second case, physical healing doesn't always work to take care of the issue. Sometimes this is the cause of chronic physical health troubles. The metaphysical body then needs to be healed to take care of these chronic issues. Metaphysical healing isn't done only with energy flowing through the body to heal. Sometimes surgeries are done with stitching to keep newly regrown metaphysical tissue from tearing again. Fire and Earth elements work well on this level of healing.

Emotional healing can often be done with clairempathy, but when our clairempathy skills are lacking we find alternate methods. Counseling in the metaphysical and physical realms is often needed to deal with and heal the emotional problems that manifest in our lives. Meditation practices and self-examination will help work through the issues we have, but the aid of a healer and counselor skilled in emotional healing is sometimes helpful. Sometimes emotional issues relate to the person's belief systems and mental and psychological health issues. Water is one of the best elements to use with emotional healing.

Mental and psychological healing is similar to emotional healing where counseling is the ideal form of healing. Meditation and journaling also help in personal healing. Sometimes the solution to this health issue is by placing the person metaphysically on to another plane separate from others. This plane allows their beliefs to manifest however they expect them too. This helps them deal with the issues and the reality of the situation they are unable to mentally, as well as emotionally, deal with in the real metaphysical/physical plane. When they are ready to face the truth and accept it as it is, they are able to move from that plane. This keeps them and others safe from the possibility of their mental break. If you use Air, healing on this level is often more effective than other elements.

Spiritual healing is focused on the soul and spiritual energy of the person. This is not the same as the metaphysical body. This is the soul or spirit we are talking about here. Sometimes, when faced with demons or a lot of evil and negativity, our soul is corrupted. It becomes polluted with that energy and must be healed. This healing is often done after we die in the rest period we have before we move on to our next life, but it can be done before then with a skilled healer. Angels of healing will often do this just after we die. If we do it ourselves before that time, the element of Light can often be very effective in healing and growing your soul.

Energy and aura healing can be done in several ways. It often works in conjunction with the other types of healing already mentioned. This is where you work directly with the auric and energy levels of a person to heal. A lot of negative energy will attach itself to a person without them realizing and healing the aura can take care of a lot of other issues. Crystals will often work on this level of healing as well as Reiki, sound/music therapy, etc. Emotional and mental healing issues can also be taken care of with healing on the aura and energy level. Another form or specialty of energy/aura healing involves working with the chakras as they are the energy centers of our energy fields and many of our health issues can be worked through at the chakra level.

Some people feel a natural call to heal. They find themselves able to give massages that seem to really take care of a friend's physical ailments. Whether you are a natural healer or not you can develop this ability to help yourself and others around you. Let others come to you, though, or else ask them permission to heal them. People will naturally be drawn to you if you are a healer and will ask you even if you haven't made it publicly known that you are a healer. You should always ask for permission before healing someone. This is because you can really only help someone heal themselves. If they don't want to be healed, no amount of healing you do will help them.

Healing does take a lot of energy to do. You need to make sure you do not overextend yourself or else you need to make sure you properly ground out your energy after you heal. Taking time to meditate, ground, and raise/balance energy before and after healing will help ensure that you don't overextend yourself. Also, remember not to take on the pain and health issues of others as some are prone to doing. This will only cause you more issues for yourself in the long run. Make sure you frequently take time to heal and balance yourself.

While everyone heals differently and must find their own techniques, I wanted to mention a few styles of healing here at the end of this section. Elves have one form of healing where they use fire to actively burn through diseases and negative material in the system of an individual and this fire will cauterize and heal wounds quickly. Elves also draw the energy of another into themselves, burning and cleansing it, then cycling it back to the person's system to help heal them. Some people are active in Reiki healing others massage therapy. Some focus on herbalism and others crystals. Color and sound therapy are popular as well. There are plenty of healing techniques for both metaphysical and auric healing. If you are interested, start looking for different methods. There are some sources listed in our Resources section. Also, your spirit guides and angels can help you learn as well.

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