Balancing and Grounding

Grounding is a very useful technique that allows you to balance your energy and remain in contact with your physical body and the physical reality. It does no good to spend all your time focusing on the spiritual and metaphysical without staying aware of your physical life. We are in this world in a physical body (some of us at least) for a reason and should keep that as part of our focus.

When you ground, you are bringing your focus back on your physical body. You are also balancing your energy levels out. Sometimes our use of our gifts causes our energy to go out of balance and we need to rebalance our energy again to be able to focus and return to our daily activities. Energy often gets unbalanced due to raising it for shielding or energy play. It happens due to taking on too many emotions of others or too much negative energy around you. When we've developed our gifts and our spiritual selves enough, we grow in our energy levels and often we need to take a moment to balance out this new energy level. (When past lives wake up and integrate into your metaphysical self, your energy level increases and this will cause temporary shifts and imbalances in your energy. But more on past lives later.) These occasional imbalances happen all the time and they will often fix themselves, but we can quicken up the process by actively using grounding techniques.

Note: I want to make mention here that as we grow in power, opening chakras, raising energy, etc., we will become bright beacons of energy for a time. This often attracts a lot of attention from the metaphysical world at first. We can at times become victims of demons who seek to squash our light while this energy is overly bright and out of sync with the world. However, over time, our energy will balance out and become more in sync and in harmony with the universe around us. We begin to blend in again. We are meant to be in harmony with the world around us. Grounding helps accomplish this.

There are several techniques to ground and you have to play with different styles to find which works best for you. A common technique is to imagine a cord or root of energy extending down into the Earth. You can then either pull up the Earth's energy to flow through you and neutralize any negative energy stuck to you before returning it back down into the Earth, or you can use this connection to bring your awareness to your metaphysical and physical body to focus on balancing out your energy. This rooting technique is also helpful for raising energy from the Earth for shielding and other things, but just remember to return the energy you borrow or you will end up being imbalanced.

Another technique is eating something, generally something high in complex carbohydrates like breads and eating proteins help as well. This brings your awareness back to bodily functions and needs and will even out energy levels (particularly if you have low blood sugar issues as well). Eating before you do any energy work will also help raise energy and give you that extra oomph you need to do work as working on an empty stomach can be difficult. However, don't eat anything too heavy, either before or after, because this will cause you to be too sluggish and stuck in the body, often resulting in naptime.

A final grounding method that I've used, as do many of you without even knowing it, is to take a shower or bath. Taking a shower or bath is very relaxing and you will often feel better and refreshed after you've taken one after a rough day. The water naturally sloughs off and cleanses your aura and energy. Negative energy you've picked up during the day flows off your skin and down the drain. You can make this natural water grounding even more successful by meditating on how it is working. Focus on the energy rebalancing and sloughing away and you will be even more grounded and reenergized afterwards, not to mention you'll smell better too.

The key to any of these above methods is intention. As long as you intend to balance out your energy and become in sync with the world around you, it will work the way you want. If you do these methods and forget to put the intention of balancing and grounding, they will still work, just not as well. In some cases they may not work at all and leave you more off balanced. Just remember to intend that you will become balanced by the end of it. Saying something, aloud or in your head, along the lines of "My energy is in balance and in harmony with the world" will work well. The more you practice these techniques the more you will notice the difference in yourself and in your reactions to the world around you.

The Human Ground

As mentioned in the section about shielding, there are some people who are natural grounds. They can neutralize negative energy around them and balance energy levels out. These general grounds usually have a close connection to the Earth (whether earth is their main element or not) and are typically described as down to earth people. If you've had a bad day, being around a ground will often balance out any extreme emotions and wonky energy you might have accumulated from it. (Empaths are sometimes capable of being grounds when they know how to deal with the emotions they receive, but they in turn need to ground themselves or have someone around that can ground them back out afterwards if they haven't learned how to do it for themselves).

Grounds can do this for pretty much everyone around. However, they are general grounds and cannot ground all energy imbalances perfectly for all people. They can help ground most people to a certain extent, but they are not in tune to those people enough to help completely. A ground who is specially attuned to one or two particularly people is actually a soulmate. (More specifics on Soulmates later.) Soulmates are grounds that are able to perfectly balance and ground out their partner because of their compatibility and intense bond over lifetimes. They help keep you stay sane and centered in reality.

However, as a note, if you are in this physical world with special gifts and abilities that penetrate between the veils of the physical and non-physical planes, you need a physical soulmate ground. This is particularly important if you do a lot of out of body work, healing, divination, communication with the spirit world, and especially channeling. Learning to ground yourself properly can help, but having a soulmate there and present with you in the same plane as you, helps keep you more firmly grounded and sane than you could ever do on your own. We are not solo creatures meant to do things entirely on our own.

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