Elemental Manipulation

Elemental Manipulation is the ability to raise our own energy to use offensively, defensively, or magickally. I often like to refer to this as our personal power, as well, because rather than actually manipulating the elements around us (which we can do), we are actually just using our own personal energy to create shields or balls of energy. These elemental shields can protect us from psychic attacks and balls of energy (or other ways of manipulating your energy) can help you fight back if needed. Every person is skilled in at least one or two elements you are attuned with. You can always train yourself in other elements as this allows you to better defend against them and it also helps make you more balanced. For example, individuals who are of Fire typically, but not always, are also proficient in using the element Air to help control their Fire.

These elements that we are attuned with are related to the Elementals. The main elements are Earth, Air/Wind, Fire, and Water. Light and Dark are additional elements that some people possess, but they are more rare. There are also a few specialized elements that are Ice (a specialized form of Water Bending) and Electricity (almost a mix of Fire and Air, but not at the same time). Pretty much anyone who manipulates Water can manipulate and create Ice with it. Electricity, however, is a very rare element and doesn't occur as a main element often. One last element that some people are attuned with is the element of Time/Space. This, again, is typically rare due to the sensitivity of the time/space continuum that doesn't quite permit many from possessing this ability. (I personally would not recommend trying to develop Time/Space manipulation abilities because it causes more problems than anything, even when it's wielded by those that are naturals at it). For more information on the elemental energies, please see this page.

There is a name for each type of element manipulation. Mage can generally be added at the end of any and be an accurate name, however, there are more specific terms for each element (though I haven't heard one for every type). Earth Shakers or Earth Movers are names given to people who are attuned to the element of Earth. Fire Starters is a name given to people associated with Fire. Water Benders is the term used for individuals that control water. People who use Electricity are usually called Sparks.

One easy way of figuring out what element you are attuned to is by taking a look at your astrological birth chart. A quick look at you sun sign will be the first thing to look at. Then check out the rest of the planets and the elements that are in. If you have more of a specific element in you chart than others you are likely akin to that element and can use it in psychic offense and defense. For example, your sun sign may be an earth element (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn) but the rest of your signs in your chart indicate more fire signs than earth and hence you are more attuned to fire than earth. (Note: this method only works for figure out if you are Earth, Air, Fire or Water/Ice as it won't indicate light, dark, time/space or electricity.)

Another way of figuring out your element is by simply playing with your energy, pulling it forward and then out into your hands into a ball of energy. Try imagining or visualizing what your energy looks like, how it feels. A cooler feel will likely be Air or Water/Ice. Heat will usually denote Fire. If visualizing a light as your energy is easier, then Light may be your element.

Whatever the case may be for you and your element(s), you have to find the way to visualize and use it in your own unique way. No one can tell you how your element works for you or how best to use your element. Practice and play, and eventually you will figure it out for yourself. Once you develop your innate element, you can always work on developing the others as well. Just keep in mind that your natural element will be the easiest and most developed of the elements that you can use. Secondary elements will not be as strong and developed and generally take more time to develop. However, taking the time to work with the other elements will always be beneficial in helping you create balance in your life.

Note: while physical elemental manipulation may be possible, it generally only manifests in the metaphysical/spiritual realms. You can defend yourself psychically and metaphysically with your element, but physical uses of the element will usually not manifest. However, you can look at things in the physical world as indicators of your element. If you are attuned to Earth, you may be a green thumb in the garden. A person who is a Water element may be an excellent swimmer. Air people may be attuned to the weather and can predict it more accurately than the weather man. Fire people tend to like playing with fire and can keep it under control more easily than others. Sometimes it is simply personality traits that can indicate your element (being flighty or grounded, emotional or passionate, etc.).

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