This is one of the most well-known of the Clairs. It is the ability of "clear-seeing" or the see beyond the physical world. It is associated with the Third-Eye or 6th Chakra in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows and this chakra will usually be much more open if this is your natural gift.

Clairvoyance will manifest in two ways usually; physical sight and intuitive/psychic sight. Physical clairvoyance is when you are able to see with your physical eyes. You may see the auras around people or dead people walking around. Oftentimes this starts out as seeing out of the corner of your eyes in your peripheral vision later developing to seeing things straight on.

Intuitive or psychic clairvoyance is when you see with your mind's eye rather than your physical eyes. You see pictures in your head that you can interpret (based on your own personal symbolism) fairly accurately. Many psychic mediums receive images in their mind's eye from Spirit that they interpret for their clients. Others may have psychic clairvoyance in the form of vivid dreams that sometimes hold information about their future.

Neither physical clairvoyance nor intuitive/psychic clairvoyance is better than the other. They are simply different ways of getting information clairvoyantly. If you are more intuitive than physical, you are always capable of developing the physical side of clairvoyance, and vice versa. There are plenty of resources out there that will provide exercises for strengthening your psychic sight.

Some specialized abilities that heavily involve clairvoyance are psychometry, premonitions, remote viewing, and aura gazing. However, there are other specialized abilities based on each person's personal use of the ability that will rely on clairvoyance.

If you find yourself looking at things that no one else seems to notice or see, you may very well have this as a natural ability. As you develop this ability you can turn your seeing on and off to avoid distractions and specialize the way you see things and what you see. You might see aura imbalances or images from the past. You might even see things that might happen. Whatever the case and however it develops for you, your ability is your own and will manifest and develop according to how you are meant to develop it.

Generally speaking, the greater your imagination is and the better able you can visualize things in your mind's eye, the more likely you'll be able to develop this ability. This isn't to say that if you do not have a vivid imagination and are not creative that you cannot develop this, or any of the other Clairs. It is just usually easier to develop when you do have a vivid imagination.

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