Though not as well-known as Clairvoyance or Clairaudience, this ability is one of the most common. Many people confuse this ability with general intuition or the other Clairs, particularly Clairempathy and Claircognizance. We want to correct these misconceptions and ensure people accurately understand the differences.

Clairsentience is the ability of "clear-feeling" or "clear-sensing" where you are able to sense the energy signatures or other individuals, physical and metaphysical. This is not the same as empathy. Clairsentients can pick up on emotions, but they do not do so in the same way as Clairempaths. Clairsentience is not the ability to take on the emotions of others and feel them as your own, but simply the ability to sense the energy of another that can include emotions. See the page on Clairempathy to understand what this entails. It is the difference between "I can feel that you are angry" and "I feel your anger as my own."

Clairsentience is also often confused with Claircognizance, or "clear-knowing/understanding." This probably happens because often we interpret our gut feelings as just knowing. Others interpret "sentience" as a "state of awareness or consciousness" thus relating Clairsentience to knowing rather than interpreting it as the "capacity for sensation or feeling." We, here, take the definition of sensation/feeling and do not see it as the same as knowing. Clairsentience incorporates a more physical sensation (read further) than Claircognizance. Please see the page on Claircognizance for more information. The difference here is "I can feel that you are angry" and "I know you are angry."

This ability is associated with the 2nd Sacral Chakra, particularly at its back opening. It is also associated with the hand chakras as well. Some people feel more through the second chakra where others use their hands to sense and feel the energy. When through the second chakra the ability generally will manifest as sensing through your entire aura in all directions. When through the hand chakras the individual will typically need to have their hands near the source of the energy to feel it. Neither is better than the other; it just depends on the person.

Many associate Clairsentience with that gut feeling you might get about things and the idea of feeling you are being watched. Clairsentients will feel things and it will manifest as a physical symptom of an upset stomach or that gut feeling. You will get shivers and the hair on your arms will stand on end when you feel like you are being watched. These are physical signs of the clairsentient ability. The less developed it is, the more it will manifest as physical symptoms like this. This doesn't mean that as you develop this ability the gut feelings and other physical signs will go away because that may be how you will always manifest this ability. It just means that as when you don't acknowledge and develop this gift, it will likely manifest as physical sensations to get your attention.

However, with greater development, these general feelings can turn into more specialized and specific feelings. The more races you meet, the more you can begin to distinguish if someone's soul is human or something else. You can start to feel your angels that accompany you or your other spiritual protectors. You can pick up on people's intentions, emotional states, and psychological states. You can sense other, non-physical entities that live around you and what type they are. You even will be able to read the psychic imprints in jewelry and rooms and get information from those things (Psychometry). Again, this ability will develop based on how you are meant to develop it.

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