This ability hasn't gotten the amount of attention as the other Clairs. It is usually simply called empathy, but I want to make a distinction that empathy is a less developed (though no less valid) form of Clairempathy. This is because people with this ability typically just think they only feel the emotions of others and can only learn to block and deal with it. On the contrary, Clairempathy allows you to do much more than that.

Clairempathy is linked to the 4th Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest. Though, for some, it could be linked the second chakra as well because of that chakra's association with emotions. This is where we feel our own emotions and are able to pick up on the emotions of those around us. It is "clear-emotional-feeling" rather than just feeling in general. You also experience other's emotions as your own, sometimes with or without the realization that it is not your own emotion and whose emotion it truly is. This can often be confusing as you may be content and happy one moment and the next you are sad for no reason because a stranger in the library is sitting there depressed.

Greater development of this ability allows you to be aware of and know whose emotions you are feeling. Depending on your shielding ability you can block yourself from directly feeling the emotions for yourself. In time, with training, you are even able to project emotions into a room or on to a person. This is particularly useful for healing where you would be able to calm the patient down while healing is taking place. (Elves, though not strictly speaking empaths where they experience other's emotions, are able to project feelings of calm around them.) You can also attempt emotional healing or taking on the pain of others to help ease suffering. But this should be saved for when you can ensure that you do not take on more pain and emotional suffering than you can handle. Having a person around who can ground you, like a soulmate, can help make working with the Clairempathy (and any other Clair) ability easier.

For some, Clairempathy can cause a great deal of physical pain if they are unable to control and deal with the emotions properly. Instead of properly grounding out the energy on their own, they keep the emotional energy in their system. It keeps building until the person feels the emotions as physical aches and pains. Some empaths have developed fibromyalgia because of this. If you are a clairempath you should learn grounding and shielding techniques to help deal with this.

A warning for anyone who is a clairempath: without proper shielding and grounding techniques, it is often difficult to deal with the emotions you experience. You must learn to shield yourself rather than relying on others to do it for you. Oftentimes, when you are unable to shield or ground the emotions properly, you might find yourself experiencing a lot of physical and emotional pain from others around you. And without a soulmate in your life, it is often very difficult to deal with. This is why Clairempaths should never attempt channeling. When you experience the feelings of others, channeling will complicate matters by creating an even more direct experience of the other's emotions. It is more difficult to separate the emotions when you channel and you will often become dependent on the feelings of others that either want or need you to channel. It becomes a vicious cycle of dependency of the emotions you feel from the ones you channel and the ones that "need" you to channel. Don't get caught up in those emotions and be wary of ever channeling if you are a natural Clairempath.

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